The TINKER TAYLOR Team Get Spooky

This Halloween, we had an absolute blast playing a spooky murder mystery before heading out into Digbeth for the evening.


The mystery, set in ‘Monster Mansion,’ was filled with dramatic twists and plenty of accusations before all was revealed - the vengeful Elizabeth Frankenstein was the guilty monster (played by our newest team member Sylvie!)


After some acting that can only be described as being up there with the likes of Dame Judi or Meryl Streep, Sylvie acted her way to the end (most people knew it was her). A dramatic finale saw Mina Dracula and Frankenstein (Sam Slingsby and Justin) both accusing Sylvie of murder, with only seconds in it!

We love having moments like this as a team - we're already planning our next eve out!


And the next chapter begins...

I founded Tinker Taylor Video Content Agency eighteen years ago, after a whirlwind nine years in the television Industry. From humble beginnings as producers of beautiful wedding videos, Tinker Taylor has evolved into a highly respected business, with a reputation for excellence, creativity and results.

What has made the adventure all the brighter is the interesting people I have had the privilege to interview and work with - and no-one has inspired me more than the talented, bundle of energy that is Sam Slingsby.

Sam joined TT eight years ago as my apprentice. At age 18, fresh out of school, full of A level’s, ideas and ambition, she blew me away at her interview and after only a day and a half of her supposed week-long trial, I’d offered Sam the post. Undoubtedly the best decision of my professional career.

What Sam brings to the team, aside from her boundless enthusiasm and business acumen, is her outstanding work ethic. Sam works very hard and everything is tackled with effervescent positivity. Over the last eight years together, Sam and I, with the support of our awesome team, have grown the business into what it is today.

And so what is the big announcement?

I am delighted to report that as of April 2021, Sam Slingsby is now officially a Director of the company and 50/50 my business partner.

Sam has become such an integral part of the company, both in winning new work, account management and Producing and Directing videos, TT without Sam would just not feel 'TT'.

The business is undoubtedly stronger for the partnership and after the crazy ‘year that was’, it is an incredibly exciting way to start the new ‘post pandemic’ financial year.

From here-on-in, ‘the two Sam’s’ are officially at the helm. TT is now ‘our story’ and we are already super busy writing and producing the next chapter.

- Sam Taylor, Creative Director

21 Videos, Featuring 46 People, All Delivered Virtually in a COVID World!

Every other year, the British Transplantation Society & NHSBT join forces to deliver their Congress. This years theme was resilience and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate their many successes in such a challenging year. 

COVID-19 prevented a face-to-face gathering, and so instead, the programme was delivered to delegates using a bespoke studio and on-line platform. This meant they could enjoy interactive plenary sessions in a studio environment, on-line parallel sessions and a full on-demand video portfolio.

TINKER TAYLOR worked closely with the NHSBT team to deliver all video assets for the Congress, which included 21 films, covering 8 different sessions and featuring 46 people, all delivered virtually within a short 7 week period.  

Many of our contributors were working long hours in a healthcare setting, and so we were unable to film face-to-face interviews and had to produce everything remotely.  Each of the 8 sessions were to drive a different initiative, and therefore, all 8 had to have their own look and feel.

So the challenge was to develop, produce and deliver 21 films with 8 different creative approaches, all from the comfort of our own home!

Here at TINKER TAYLOR, we love a challenge, so with Zoom our only ally, we got to work! 

Our virtual creative styles included a mix of presenter lead zoom interviews and screen recorded zoom interviews, self-recorded footage on phones and tablets, stock footage and a variety of animation styles, from simple 2D typography to full character animation.  

All of this resulted in a series of films that showcased the breadth of activities and exciting initiatives which are occurring in donation and retrieval, in an engaging, eye-catching and entertaining format.

The Congress was a huge success and our films played a pivotal role.

We also reversioned each film after Congress, which meant the high-end video portfolio can be used as legacy, educational and promotional assets, for years to come. 

If you have an event to take online, we are here to help. Get in touch!

Simplifying Complex Information Using Video

Let’s face it, not every business has an easy time of it when it comes to explaining exactly what it is they do.

This can be an issue not only for potential clients, but also for internal staff.

The importance of clear, concise messaging can not be underestimated.

Our video content agency; TINKER TAYLOR, has extensive experience working with many different businesses in simplifying their internal and external communications, through the power of video.

1. Engage and educate

Health Education England’s, Genomics Education Programme (GEP) is tasked with educating the healthcare sector on the advances in and application of Genomics.

Having knowledgeable, skilled and experienced health sector workers is crucial for ensuring our health services position as a world leader in genomics and precision medicine.

We knew that each and every video our corporate video production company created for the GEP would have to have its own unique impact on learners, and as a result, different topics would require a different approach.

It was critical that we communicate the content to those learning in an inspiring and educational manner.

So how do you go about explaining a series of complex topics in an engaging manner?

At Tinker Taylor we utilise 2D and 3D animations, interview-led and scripted videos and actor-led short films. 

Despite the complicated subject matters, each video created by our team clearly explains topics in a straightforward, yet stimulating way.

Every project that we work on with TINKER TAYLOR is not just educational, but inspiring and engaging, and really helps us spread the message about how fundamental genomics is for healthcare.

Education Resources Editor
Genomics Education Programme-

2. Encourage using expertise

Alantra, are a global investment banking and asset management firm focusing on the mid-market. We have over the last seven years, produced a vast portfolio of films that have proved to be exceptional marketing tools for the firm, often encouraging new businesses to engage with the services they offer and directly leading to new mandates.

A particularly impactful approach is interviewing Alantra’s existing clients talking about how the assistance of the firm has helped them expand. Third party endorsement is very powerful.

By having your existing clients talk about your expertise, and your work, it can help simplify your service/product for potential new clients.

We’ve constantly seen them innovate the project they’ve given us, they really understand our business and get what’s a little bit different about us.

Richard Sanders
Partner at Alantra-

3. Entertain and equip

DeWalt commissioned our video production agency to produce a film testing whether their battery – the XR 5Ah – was better than their competitors.

Everyone knows what a battery does, but when explaining the longevity, you have to be creative, and so the DeWalt XR 5Ah RunTime Challenge was born.

This was a way we could emphasise the power of the battery, without potentially confusing audiences with all the finer details.

What next?

Perhaps take a look at your website and marketing collateral. 

Do you need a little help simplifying complex content into bitesize, digestible chunks? 

If you would like to better understand the process and explore how video could work for you, we are here to help.

#MakeYourMark with Lima Sopoaga and Tinker Taylor

What does the talented fly-half Lima Sopoaga, the midlands leading video agency Tinker Taylor, local graffiti artist Panda from Graffiti Artist, and the urban beauty that is the Custard Factory have in common?

The answer?

Our latest video which successfully highlights the incredible talent we have here in Digbeth, the fantastic surroundings we have within short reach of our studio, and most significantly the sponsorship between Wasps star and ourselves here at Tinker Taylor under the hashtag #MakeYourMark.

The graffiti symbolises just how big a player Lima is – he is one of the most exciting fly halves in the world at the minute, and he is going to be a massive player both for Wasps and the English domestic game over the coming years.

Sam Taylor
Creative Director at Tinker Taylor

We first teamed up with Wasps three years ago, and have recently sponsored Sopoaga in his first season of top-flight rugby in the UK.

In previous years Sopoaga has been an integral part of the New Zealand All Blacks line-up, scoring 12 points in his debut match against South Africa and going on to appear a further 15 times for the Kiwi’s national team.

Tinker Taylor have been working with Wasps for several years. We produced their STEAK corporate hospitality package video, and have enjoyed the opportunity to attend numerous networking events and corporate hospitality events (which our clients absolutely love!).

It’s been an eye-opening six months for me and my young family moving to a new country and experiencing a new culture, but I’ve come to this country to show everybody what I can do on the pitch, and that’s what this street art signifies – me making my mark.

Lima Sopoaga
Fly Half, Wasps RFC

Lima and Panda spray the walls of the Custard Factory, whilst being filmed by video content agency Tinker Taylor.

The 10 metre wall mural of the player, who has contributed more than 110 points to Wasps’ so far this season, can be found just down the road from the Tinker Taylor studios in the heart 0f Digbeths’ Custard Factory estate, and was the brain child of our Creative Director and Junior Rugby Coach at Camp Hill RFC; Sam Taylor.

For Sam, the tie-up between our video content agency and Sopoaga could not be better aligned as whether you’re a film-maker or a rugby player, it’s all about loving what you do and giving it everything you’ve got, and both do just that.

Having won a coveted RTS award and a Gold/Chairman’s Award at the Drum Awards for a hard-hitting awareness campaign for the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Tinker Taylor are a prime example of loving what we do, and creating award winning content as a result of that passion.

Tinker Taylor is a multi award-winning video content agency, based at Fazeley Studios, Digbeth – the heart of Birmingham’s Creative Quarter.

The agency produces high-end content for multiple platforms including TV, cinema, digital, events and video-books. Its focus is on generating an outstanding return on investment for a diverse range of clients including the NHS, Seven Capital, Aston University, Selco and Demalogica.

Let’s chat about how our video marketing agency can get help you make your mark?

Explore your options and see how video can work for you

3 Excuses You're Not Using Video For Marketing

You've decided that video for marketing is not for you...we're here to change your mind!

If you’ve read our blog detailing the steps to create an effective video marketing strategy…but you’re still not convinced about using video for marketing.


Maybe it’s your boss you need to convince or a fellow work colleague, or maybe you need an extra push to hop on the video production bandwagon.

Over the years, we’ve heard many reasons why companies aren’t adding video to their tool-belt.

So we felt it was time to bust the myths and debate those long-standing concerns.

Without further ado here are 3 excuses you’re currently not using video for marketing

1. It’s TOO expensive!

Here is the part where we think about what expensive truly means.

Before considering a video for your marketing, you should consider how much you are willing to invest in it, and the purpose of the video.

For example; if you plan to spend £10,000 on your videos, and from them generate over £50,000, is the price worth the high return on investment?

Of course, it is.

If you want a big production, it will look fantastic, and realistically it will cost more, so consider why you need a video, and where it’ll fit into your strategy beforehand.

Our team works with a range of clients, from one-off videos to large productions, meaning we can help you figure out what your budget would cover.

Creating a suitable video for marketing can be as grand or simple as you want.

2. I can’t stand seeing myself on camera!

You’ve told yourself video for marketing is crucial to your company…but you see that camera go on and look back at the footage and, well, you can’t bring yourself to watch it.

We are highly experienced interviewers, and trained in the art of making you feel comfortable and making you look amazing.

Or maybe consider an alternative if it’s truly not your cup of tea.

Perhaps think about instead having a professionally scripted video voiced by a professional video artist, a video like this can concisely get across your key messages without you having to appear anywhere near a camera.

Or even an animated video for your marketing, which can easily explain your product, or service, without using your face.

3. Our customers don’t really care about us using video for marketing.

This is a huge mistake.

Now, we can’t say why you may feel this way, but we can certainly tell you, that in this day and age, EVERYONE is watching a video.

Whether this is on their phones, on desktop, or otherwise, and we have the stats to back this up:

  • The number of people watching videos online only continues to grow, with video predicted to make up to 80% of all global traffic by 2019. – Tubular Insights
  • Businesses and marketers who used video ended up growing revenue 49% faster than non-video users in 2017. – Vidyard
  • Of those with videos on-site, 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time. – HubSpot
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message after watching it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. – Forbes
Tinker Taylor can help you with your video for marketing.

Would you like some help creating video for marketing?

Changed your mind about video, but unsure where to start now that you have? Why don’t you chat to an award winning video production agency to help you with your video marketing? Birmingham is where we’re based, although we have clients right across Europe.

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Five Tips To Create An Amazing Business Presentation

Slideshows, as ever, are still a key tool when it comes to creating a business presentation.

However, chances are when you’re in a business meeting, and someone flips open a powerpoint, we’re going to guess that some of that initial excitement dies down.

In fact, 79% of people believe that most presentations are…pretty boring. So why is this?

Well, it’s so easy for those presenting to fall into the trap of letting the slides do all the talking, by relying too heavily on them.

Unfortunately, sometimes going as far as to read directly off the presentation word-for-word.

When talking about your company, you should want those listening to feel a rush of excitement at your words or to be intrigued by your proposal.

You need to be able to pitch and sell the idea that you’re the best choice.

A slideshow can do many things, but unless you utilise it to its full potential, you may find yourself missing the mark with those listening.

So what can you do to create an amazing business presentation?

1. Avoid overloading your audience

Presentations don’t often suffer from a lack of information, but rather too much information.

Cliff Atkinson, Author of “Beyond Bullet Points”, states that ‘When you remove interesting but irrelevant words and pictures from a screen, you can increase the audience’s ability to remember the information by 189% and the ability to apply the information by 109%.’

How does this help you?

Just remember that the slideshow is not the key factor in a presentation, however, you and your knowledge are a key factor.

Your slides are there to aid you in giving your presentation, not to bombard your audience, so try to avoid long paragraphs or long blocks of text, and aim for one message per slide.

Don't overload you audience when creating your business presentation.
Using handouts, or video books in your business presentation could help.

2. Come with handouts to your business presentation

If you have information that is really valuable for the audience to take away, consider creating a handout.

They can serve as a powerful reminder of the points you want to reinforce, give detailed breakdowns of your presentation, and even strengthen your call to action.

If you also want to attract attention without using a written handout, consider a video book.

Video books can be a more memorable alternative to a written handout, and can be customised to provide a relevant video to the particular audience you’re presenting to.

For example; if you’re presenting to a room of health care professionals, you could leave behind a video book that could be aimed at their industry, allowing you to stand out from other businesses presenting.

3. Know your material

Practise and rehearse your business presentation beforehand.

Know what you’ll be covering, even if your laptop decides to die or you have an error with your slides.

It happens!

Be confident in the ideas you’ll be talking about, and by knowing your material, you’ll be able to be spontaneous or go off script without worrying about the structure of your slides.

And remember…your slides are an aid, you’re what sells the presentation.

4. Create a branded presentation

If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t let your presentation look like a fixed template.

Think of how you can incorporate your branding into your slideshow.

Try and avoid script fonts as these can be hard to use, and consider two clear fonts (e.g Arial). Better yet, if you have a clear font in your brand guidelines, use them.

Another idea is to use your brand colours in your presentation.

Just make sure that the brand colours you decide to use contrast on each slide: dark text on a light background, light text on a dark background.

If you do decide to use ‘branded slides’, you can advertise your brand in your business presentation without it being too obvious, just make sure you keep your theming consistent throughout your presentation.

Create a business presentation and consider your branding guidelines.
Create the business presentation with a video for more effectiveness.

5. Limit the number of slides and include a video

With text and images covered (perhaps even the occasional graph), including video content could be the next bit of crucial content you need.

Video content is incredibly engaging, and could help you liven up your presentation by offering a change of pace from static slides.

The key with adding a video is to keep it short. Staying within less than a minute is a good time length for a video, as you want your video to enhance the presentation you’re giving…not replace.

If you have difficult information, a video could help you explain it, as many companies actually use motion graphics videos to explain complex points, or what their product is.

Want to inject some life into your presentation using video?

In need of corporate video services? Our branded video content agency can help you create the right video, or motion graphics animation for your slideshow, or a video book for your handouts, in order to get the most out of your business presentation.

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8 Video Trends Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

Video has a huge opportunity to be a fantastic brand awareness and sales tool for your business, which is why knowing which video trends are right for your business is key.

After all, marketers that use video have reported they get 66% more qualified leads per year, and who doesn’t want more leads?

To get you and your company ahead of the game, we’ve compiled 8 video trends that we believe are here to stay, and that you can incorporate into your video marketing strategy.

1. Going Live On Social Media

Live streaming is growing increasingly popular with Internet users, with 82% of viewers preferring live video to social media posts.

Every social media platform is starting to incorporate live streaming in some way, and the industry is expected to be worth $70.5 billion by 2021.

It truly is showing no signs of slowing down and is an incredible way to engage with active user groups.

Not to mention, using live streaming can be great for your business because it allows users to engage with your brand and allows you to actively learn more about your audience.

Live streaming can help your brand grow, and as a result, reach an even bigger audience.

2. Vertical Video

People naturally hold their phones vertically, and as a result, vertical video has been on the rise.

It’s a movement that has to lead to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube publishing vertical videos with no black borders, meaning users can continue to keep their phones in their natural position, whilst watching a video.

By using a vertical video, you’re not only more likely to gain the attention of users who are increasingly consuming video, but you’ll also be able to take up the majority of the screen.

Dan Grossman, VP of platform partnerships at VaynerMedia told Mashable. “If we can take up more of the screen that means you’re less distracted. We can capture more of the viewer’s attention.

3. Short Versions Of Your Videos

In a time where audiences are known for their short attention spans, this trend speaks for itself.

Unlike some of the other video trends we’ve spoken about, this one just requires putting out shorter versions of your long-form video content or creating short videos like the Aston University social video created by our creative video agency.

We would recommend sticking to a video length of 30-seconds to 1 minute in length, however, if you’re determined to have users watch the full length of your video, consider a cut down version on social that redirects to your website to watch the full video, or create several short cuts that will show off all your video over time.

4. Closed Captions

We understand that closed captions may not seem like it’s on the right list, as this blog is about video trends, but it’s something that has been increasing over time on most video content.

There are several reasons for this growth online:

  • Captions help with accessibility, in fact, Facebook found that 41% of videos were basically meaningless without sound.
  • Captions can allow search engines to get a much deeper understanding of your video content, therefore helping SEO.
  • Captions increase engagement, and view times, which is important to your videos SEO on platforms like YouTube.

Using closed captions also gives your audience the chance to turn on/off captions, which is not an option if you use open captions.

If you’re unsure where to start with captions, our video content agency can help you get on the right track.

5. 360 Video

Is 360 video worth it? For many, the format can be seen as a very gimmicky thing to incorporate into your strategy, but can it actually drive more engagement?

Well to answer your question, Google recently conducted a test to see how a 360 video ad stood up against standard video ad, and the results were very interesting.

The 360 video ad had a lower retention rate than the standard ad. But, the 360 ad also had a higher click-through rate, meaning that viewers were more interested in checking out the full-length version of the video, it also gained more views, shares, and subscribes.

So is it worth investigating for your brand? We’ll leave that up to you.

6. Training Videos

Training videos are on the up, which is no surprise when training is reportedly more effective when video is involved.

Statistics say that every individual is likely to remember only 10% of textual content, 65% of visual content, but 95% of audio-visual content. Hence, organisations should incorporate this mode of learning to train their employees effectively as it enhances self-learning and engages learners’ attention throughout the course.

If you’re considering educational or training videos, our video agency team at Tinker Taylor can help you take advantage of this trend.

7. Vlogging

Vlogging is an ongoing video trend that, which, whilst sounds like it may be more for millennials, is becoming a major trend in content marketing.

It allows you to connect with viewers in a more authentic manner, build a community of like-minded people, and vary out your content.

Not to mention by creating a vlog you can write up the content as a blog, and extract the audio and have a podcast.

One video can create three types of content, depending on what it’s about, of course.

8. 1:1

While marketers are taking the approach of using vertical videos, square videos can be a good solution to avoid rotating your phone horizontally.

As these videos have a different aspect ratio they are able to take up 78% more screen space than 16:9/landscape, which means those watching will be able to view more.

According to a Digital Strategist at Buffer, “After all was said and done, both square video and letterbox video (1:1 format) outperformed landscape video when it came to average engagements, views, and completion rate (%) – particularly on mobile devices.”

Want to take advantage of these video trends?

Why don’t you chat to an award winning video production agency to see how we can help?

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How Christmas Video Advertising Could Be Your Secret Weapon

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and already we’ve seen the likes of ASDA, Lidl and Iceland using video advertising to push out their seasonal marketing messages.

It’s hard not to get sucked into the Christmas advert debate of which is our favourite, but along the way we forget the impact using video advertising has on consumers, and why having a Christmas advert can be crucial to your sales over the festive season.

If you’re not a supermarket or a huge brand, the thought of having an advertisement at this time of year might be a daunting prospect, how does a smaller business tackle those big brands for a space in consumers eyes?

If you take inspiration from the brands and agencies taking advantage of the season, and position your video content correctly (which a corporate video production agency likes ours can help with) then you could end up generating a high return on investment at the biggest time of year for consumer spending.

So how do you take advantage of Christmas video advertising for your business or brand?

Capture attention quickly

The shift from TV to mobile is something to definitely consider this year in your Christmas video advertising.

TV is considered a ‘passive experience’, in which you typically buy a 30-second slot to sell your wares, but if you’re thinking of pushing a Christmas advert on social media, most people will view that on their mobile, and mobile moves at a very different pace, so for this you need to adapt your video advertising.

Christmas video advertising needs to catch your attention quickly.

On social, you need to reveal your brand or product in the first three seconds…why?

Well, Facebook revealed that 65% of people who watch the first three seconds of a video will watch for at least ten seconds and 45% continue watching for thirty seconds.  There is also evidence of brands who include their logo or product in the first 10 seconds seeing a positive impact on their campaigns.

So if you show your brand or product in those first three seconds, your Christmas advertising campaign should have better results, providing of course that the video has a strong creative and is beautifully produced, if you use a corporate video company.

Build an emotional connection

You’ll notice around Christmas a lot of adverts will include an animal or a child.  This is a tactic used by marketers to engage the public on an emotive level and build a connection with the audience and the advert.

After all, who doesn’t love a penguin or a dog?

They’ll also often follow a problem, that gets resolved by the end of the advert by using their product or service.
By following a narrative, where the brand is the solution, your audience is more likely to buy.

Create an emotional connection using your Christmas video advertising.

For example: Craig Inglis, Customer Director and Marketing Chief at John Lewis says: “We make just over £8 [profit] for every pound we spend so the Christmas Ad campaigns are hugely profitable.”

John Lewis may spend a lot of money on their video advertising, but it pays off.

All of their adverts follow a pattern, they have a strong narrative and they create an emotional connection –  and that may something you can take advantage of for your own campaign, whether it be shown on TV, in the cinema, or online.

Realise the aim of your video advertisement

We know that when it comes to Christmas content B2C brands are more likely to take advantage of the season for their marketing, but what about B2B?

B2B companies have told us that they don’t think Christmas adverts will work for them, that it doesn’t fit with their brand. But surely every brand has a story to tell?

The festive season is a great time to show the human side of your brand. It says “Yes! We’re also looking forward to Christmas, and we want to wish all of our clients a great one too if they celebrate.”

Sage, created a great Christmas advert and you can not get anymore B2B than an accountancy Software firm, so it can be done!

Views aren’t the only thing that matters in video advertising

It’s very easy to get caught up on numbers, especially with some advertisements from the big brands getting huge numbers of views of their videos in a short amount of time.  You can pay for video Advertising and pretty much guarantee the number of views, if you have a big enough budget to do it and if you are not interested in targeting audiences.

Remember…views are nothing, if you can’t generate enquires or sales off the back of them.  A video can get millions of views, but if no-one is purchasing your product or using your service after seeing it, it is not working.

That’s where a video content agency like TINKER TAYLOR comes in. We work with you to generate content that generates results, not just views.

Christmas video advertising could be the right thing for you.


With the holidays being a great time to start getting effective video content on front of a hungry audience (and I don’t mean for Turkey), consider your brands message and what your audience will be receptive too.

When you position your Christmas video advertising in the right way, you can join the big brands in using the festive season to generate a high ROI.

If you want to get a video production agency to create effective Christmas video advertising, Birmingham is where we’re based, although we have clients throughout the UK, in France, Italy and Spain.

Why don’t you find out how this video marketing agency can get you the most out of your video content and give us a call?

7 Ways Your Video Content Could Get You More Results

We at Tinker Taylor, an award winning video production agency, know exactly how to help you get the most out of your video...without making your audience suffer with ‘video fatigue’.

Are you guilty of uploading your video content just once?
Are you unsure of what else you could be doing to boost your results?

As a corporate video production agency, we want you to be able to scream and shout about the incredible video content you have received from working with us.

But too often do we see a video being uploaded once, and then slowly forgotten, despite the fact it still can help fulfil many of the objectives your company still wants to achieve and get you further results.

So without further ado, here are our very helpful tips to help you get more results!

1. Include your videos in a blog

When adding video into a blog post, it becomes so much more dynamic and exciting.

It can also help you stand out from your competitors who may not be using video in their blogs, or in general.

The best part about this is, you are not only going to get more views on your video, but also, by having video content embedded in your blog, you are allowing your customers to have the chance to enjoy a different form of content without leaving your site.

This means they will stay longer and, as a result, this may improve your sites SEO.

Adding video content to your website can help improve SEO.

2. Give it pride of place on your websites home page

It’s a well-known fact that video on a landing page can increase conversions, but did you know they can do this by 80% or more?

First impressions count, and if you’re sending your potential customers to your homepage, where better to include your video content and make an effective first impression?

Also, if you use a thumbnail with a smiling face, you might actually get more sales.

Wishpond ran a 5-week A/B split test of two individuals – one smiling and one not – the smiling image increased a software company’s profits by 10.7%!

3. Add it to your newsletter

Your newsletter reaches your clients in a more direct form, by landing straight in their email boxes, and could be a great part of your video marketing strategy.

Most email automators allow you to embed video into your newsletters.

If you want to switch it up, you can always create a gif of your video, or use a play button on top of a static image, and link it back to where your video may be online (bonus points if you bring it back to your website!).

4. Transcribe your video

“But why would we transcribe it when the video literally does all the talking?”

Did you know that transcripts are good for SEO?

By writing out a transcript of your video content, your video then becomes ‘written content’ that Google can crawl and search for keywords in.

You can add the transcript in the metadata of your video content too (we recommend doing this on YouTube), and this will then, not only help your video rank on your video platform, but on Google as well!

5. Share to social media

You’ve got that all-important video content ready to show to your potential customers, or existing clients, so where will your target audience be watching it?

100 million hours of video are watched each day on Facebook, surely social media is the way to go.

Don’t be afraid to share your content more than once.

Plenty of social media apps are available to schedule your video content out to your social platforms, meaning you can plan in advance when you’ll next share your video.

There are also plenty of ways to share the content, we even cut soundbites for social media pages!

Don’t forget, there is always going to be someone who has not seen your video, so don’t be afraid to share more than once!

Showcasing your video content at events is great for business.

6. Show your video content at events

If you’ve got an event coming up, why not show off your video?

Whether you have a stall, or a spot on a stage in front of hundreds, you can always show your video content off on your tablet, or with a fancy projector.

Running your own event?

Have the video shown when you introduce your company (and check out how impressed the crowd look).

7. Add subtitles

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

That’s a lot of videos, and the lack of people watching with sound can be for a variety of reasons.

On one hand, many people can’t or don’t want to turn on their audio.

They may be watching your video without earphones in a public space, or enjoying some music and want to watch your video at the same time.

On the other hand, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 5% of the world’s population suffers from disabling hearing loss.

Five per cent may seem like a small number, but that totals over 360 million people across the globe.

So what can you do when your audience are scrolling past your video content or watching it without sound?

Add subtitles.

Subtitles allow those who aren’t able to hear or don’t want to turn on their audio the opportunity to still understand and enjoy it.

Not to mention it comes with many other benefits such as increased social reach, and if you’re using captions; improved SEO, because Google indexes captions.

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