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TINKER TAYLOR were commissioned by the University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust to produce series of films as part of a recruitment campaign aimed at driving job applications in the health sector.


#ANewKindOfTrust follows eight members of staff from UHNM during their time at work and at home with the aim of showcasing their loyal and experienced staff in a way that engages with prospective employees, patients and the wider community.

The films are part of a recruitment campaign and are aimed to inspire people to engage with the trust and to increase job applications.

A New Kind of Trust is a social media recruitment campaign, which we’ve never embarked on before but we know that our new workforce will come from an age where we know social media is the main communication process, and we didn’t have expertise around that.

The way that Tinker Taylor approached it has been with an eagerness, an excitement, an openness to go anywhere and film anything. Every time I have seen the film, it has been really emotional, because it just shows the kind of care and kind of enthusiasm and kind of commitment our staff have got, that we have never been able to express before.

You see them in the local community, you in the areas that they live, you see the kind of lives that they live, and the emotion within that would never have been captured with just talking to the camera. The campaign itself has definitely exceeded our expectations. We have had tremendous feedback from these films. It has generated a lot of excitement, it has generated a lot of pride. This might be a recruitment campaign but it has turned into so much more than that.

The filming has been amazing and it is the beginning of something new for us. TINKER TAYLOR have been amazingly flexible, they’ve got the best out of this hospital, the best out of this environment and the best out of the people. It has been a fantastic experience.

Liz Rix, Chief Nurse at UHNM.

At the time of writing, the campaign has:

Generated 334,320 video views across the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

440% increase in UHNM Facebook engagements and a 420% increase in ‘likes.’

The videos drove more than 57,000 people to ‘Jobs Search’ pages on the website.

Increased job applications by 55%.

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