Partnering with Catalyst Corporate Finance

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Catalyst Corporate Finance have recently launched their new website, and TINKER TAYLOR have produced a portfolio of films to compliment the editorial. To watch the full set of films, please click here.

Three of the twelve films are partnership videos. The videos are excellent marketing tools for Catalyst, encouraging more businesses to engage with the services they offer.

Each of the films are approx. two minutes in duration, the optimum time for the web and short enough that they can be shown in any given presentation and sales pitch. Each video starts with an opening motion graphics title slate. It incorporates the Catalyst logo and the clients logo in equal proportion, along with the title of the video. The immediate first impression is of the two companies, working in partnership. No one bigger than the other, a harmonious relationship.

Engaging social media content

Fantastic for internal & external communications

The films drive the website content

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