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The DeWalt Extreme RunTime Challenge

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XR 5Ah battery

Earlier this year, DeWalt launched their XR 5Ah battery, a battery like no other! They wanted a video which demonstrated just how amazing their battery was, whilst putting it in a whole new league compared to their competitor’s products.

And so the DeWalt XR 5Ah Xtreme RunTime Challenge was born. We were commissioned by McCann Birmingham to produce two videos, Part 1: The Build, and Part 2: The Race!

Part 1 introduced two teams, each made up of one Engineer, and one tradesman. The tradesmen were sourced via social media, so the campaign immediately interacted with DeWalt fans. The first team was DeWalt, and the second was a leading competitor.

Each team was challenged with building a complete Kart, with all tools being powered by a 5Ah battery. Whatever charge was left on the battery, was the power each team had to power the Kart, in Part 2: The Race.

The videos were integrated within a DeWalt Facebook campaign, distributed by McCann Birmingham. The first video encouraged fans to predict how far the kart would go, which unlocked a free DeWalt XR 5Ah battery.

We saw fantastic results for the campaign, gaining over a whopping 3 million impressions, over 200,000 video views and over 12,000 click throughs.

3 million impressions

The video received over 200,000 video views

The video resulted in over 12,000 click throughs

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