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We helped save the NHS £20,350,000

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Health Education England

There is a National shortage of nurses throughout England and Wales. Many hospitals have over 50 vacancies to fill and are paying exorbitant agency fee’s to source their new nurses. In an attempt to resolve this problem, Health Education England launched a refreshed ‘Return to Practice’ Campaign, with the aim of encouraging nurses that have left the profession to return to nursing.

Working with our strategic partners, TINKER TAYLOR delivered the video content for the #ComeBackToNursing, Social Media, Recruitment Campaign, which aim to recruit nurses through emotive video content.

To watch the full portfolio of films we produced for this campaign, please click here.

The Campaign

Upon launch #ComeBackToNursing was trending nationally on Twitter, with the hashtag reaching almost 900,000 users on Twitter alone. The main Health Education England Twitter account has seen a significant increase in followers and 6,807 social engagements to date. This activity has also resulted in excellent website traffic on their Apply Now page.

The Result

The campaign has resulted in an astonishing growth in applications. Previously an average cohort would be made up of four to five people per region, so approximately 65 people nationally. As a direct result of the inspiring video driven campaign, in October 2014, 415 people started the course - a 538% increase.

The Return

So far 1,900 return to practice nurses have completed the course, with 483 now in full time employment. The cost to train 483 nurses for 3 years at £50,000 per student is £24,150,000. The cost to train the 1,900 return to practice nurses, over 6 months at £2,000 per student was £3,800,000. Saving the NHS in excess of £20 million pounds.

We helped save the NHS £20,350,000

Health Education England saw a 538% increase in applications

#ComeBackToNursing reached almost 900,000 users on Twitter alone

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