NHS Blood & Transplant

NHSBT: #LeaveThemCertain – Mr&Mrs Campaign

We are so proud to have created a series of three adverts to help bridge the gap between awareness and action.

In just a few seconds, powerful campaigns such as #LeaveThemCertain normalise tabboo topics and inspire crucial conversations – exactly what we love to do here at Tinker Taylor!

#LeaveThemCertain’s significance lies not only in its potential to save lives, but also in mitigating the profound emotional toll that can accompany the loss of a loved one.

Filmed over the course of one day with an incredibly talented crew and fantastic group of actors; #LeaveThemCertain’s production, from start to finish, was a joy to make.

From the brief, we immediately saw the vision and brought on Director Tom Stevens and Director of Photography Ben Sansom to help us to bring it to life. We wanted to create a series of films which were effortlessly affectional in nature, which we achieved through a wonderful harmony between cast and crew.

We worked closely with the NHSBT team both before and after the shoot, ensuring that they were always 100% happy with the process. The results were a series of films which received an amazing response from our client!

We’ve worked with NHSBT for many years now and have loved every single project. We feel honoured to work with the NHS; creating videos which make a real impact across the UK. Use the button below to have a look through more of our work for NHS Blood & Transplant.

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