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Announcing the esteemed Sir Bill Beaumont as the new Patron of the Rugby Football Union Injured Players Foundation (RFU IPF).

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our impactful video series produced by Tinker Taylor, featuring the esteemed Sir Bill Beaumont as the new Patron of the Rugby Football Union Injured Players Foundation (RFU IPF). In this new video, Sir Bill shares his vision for the foundation and emphasises his commitment to the rugby family.
This video not only adds depth to the stories previously told but also reiterates the strong community and resilience that define the rugby spirit. Sir Bill further motivates collective action: “Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of injured players.”

Watch the special video announcement.

We invite you to watch this inspiring new chapter and revisit our earlier work below, where the journeys of courage and support within the rugby family come to life. Hearing directly from those whose lives have been transformed by the foundation adds authenticity and emotion to our message.

It is an honour to support our rugby family members facing tough challenges,” Sir Bill asserts, underlining the solidarity that defines the rugby community. His dedication shines through as he speaks about his role: “We must ensure that everyone who plays this great sport is cared for, which is at the heart of my mission as Patron.

Behind the Scenes with Sam Taylor

The production of this video involved unique challenges and creative solutions to capture the essence of the RFU IPF’s mission and Sir Bill’s heartfelt message. Insights into these behind-the-scenes efforts highlight the dedication and skill of everyone involved, providing a deeper appreciation for this impactful work.

“Producing this video for the RFU Injured Players Foundation was the perfect example of the work I love to produce, and spending the afternoon with Sir Bill was an absolute joy. We captured the essence of the RFU IPF’s mission and Sir Bill’s heartfelt message.”

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or initiatives such as charity runs and other community activities. Your participation and support help us continue providing crucial assistance to those in need within the rugby community.

History and Mission

The RFU IPF has a long history of supporting players at all levels, from grassroots to professional, offering immediate and lifelong support to those facing catastrophic injuries. By continually funding research and preventive measures, the foundation works towards a safer rugby environment for all.

We hope our video production and our ongoing efforts inspire you to get involved and support our cause. Every contribution makes a significant difference in the lives of injured players.

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More about the IPF

RFU Injured Players Foundation (RFU IPF) stories previously told

We were commissioned by the Rugby Football Union Injured Players Foundation (RFU IPF) to produce video content initially for a fundraising event at Twickenham, with the primary objective of motivating high net worth individuals to donate money.

The videos created would then be used for the next 3-5 years at other events and on social channels again to encourage people to get involved and raise money.

Our Creative Director, Sam Taylor, is a huge rugby union fan. She knew that in order to speak to the hearts and minds of rugby fans, our films would need to embody the ‘rugby family’ spirit, so unique to the sport.

It’s a sport where anyone who plays or supports the game, from coaches to volunteers; rugby parents to medical support staff, all take care of each other and it is this sense of family and togetherness, along with rugby’s core values of teamwork and respect that Sam felt we needed to convey.

Tinker Taylor approached our brief with bags of enthusiasm and creativity which made us feel comfortable straight away, as we knew they would do a great job with the project. And that they have.

Philip Catt - IPF, Events & Fundraising Manager

The RFU IPF provide immediate and lifelong support to rugby players who, while playing rugby in England at any level and at any age, sustain a catastrophic spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury which has resulted in permanent disability.

They’re a vital part of the Rugby Family, and although not many will know that they exist, as their work is behind the scenes, they are there as a safety net for all players at any age or ability, both male and female, young and old, anywhere in England.

In these videos, we wanted to balance the narrative between the players personal story and the support they have received from the charity since their injury.

The video content needed to be emotive and endearing, so those watching immediately felt empathy and respect for our three individuals. Once we have that, we have an audience who will want to be part of the story.

Our three videos focussed on three brilliant young men; Tom, Ben and KJ.

There was a balance to be struck between representing our individuals involved as strong and inspiring, whilst also showing how tough it can be, and how the charity’s support was vital and invaluable.

In addition to interviewing the three rugby players we interviewed family members, who gave a loved ones perspective on how the RFU IPF helped. It is pretty powerful stuff.

We dedicated one filming day for each persons story, shooting at at least two different locations, so it was full on! However the variety of footage leads to a more visually appealing and engaging video, which is ultimately more effective.

We filmed on Sony FS7s and decided to shoot handheld.

This was unusual for us, as we usually like to work with tripods or rigs, but we felt that by shooting handheld we created something that had a less formal, more authentic, slightly raw feel.

We felt that this approach worked, considering the horrific injuries our contributors sustained and the depth of feeling we wished to portray and evoke in our audience.

We ensured that the post production process was a collaborative process with our Director, editor and the team at the RFU IPF, so that the finished videos worked both on a story telling level and on an educational level.

We’re over the moon with the end result which really captures the emotion of the stories and allows us to showcase our beneficiaries’ stories to current and potential new supporters, as well as to better convey the charity’s work to new audiences. Thank you TINKER TAYLOR.

Philip Catt - IPF, Events & Fundraising Manager

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