Every single charity relies on public support and needs to find contemporary and innovative ways to reach supporters, potential donors and volunteers – t stand out from the many and varied worthwhile causes vying for attention.

TINKER TAYLOR love working with charities, we are highly experienced in working with the third sector, having designed and produced many video campaigns for all sorts of charities large and small.

Charity campaigns range from short drama-based films focusing on raising awareness of the situations you deal with, or moving documentary style videos demonstrating how your charity is making a real difference to people’s lives.

Videos raise awareness and help people to really understand your cause and answer your call to action by sending out a strong and emotive message to drive their behaviour.

Video content makes a huge difference on your charity

We’re great listeners, and we take time to discuss your needs so that we understand your charity and its goals. We work with any existing ideas that you may have and use our creative team to come up with a compelling and emotive treatment, liaising with you to select candidates for interviews or sourcing actors for a drama-based piece.
Our talented directors and cinematographers create and capture a sensitive picture that reflects precisely what you do. Our artistic editors cut together scenes aimed at creating an emotional response from your audience, selecting appropriate music and adding suitable voice overs where required.

Creating vision

We know that results are highly important and our videos will raise awareness, change perceptions and ultimately boost your fundraising efforts.

Marketing and distribution

Once your video has been produced, we offer assistance in getting your video seen. We work with our strategic partners, all experts in their field, who will deliver excellent results. They understand your target audience, know how to access them, work with you to meet your objective and ensure that delivery on your objective is met.

Your charity could really benefit from video content and we would love to help you to make a difference.