Capturing your corporate event on film is a great way to promote your business to those unable to attend, particularly global stakeholders. Highly engaging and highly shareable video content that can be viewed by a much wider audience, will raise awareness and enhance the profile of your company, brand or product.

Our ‘better than broadcast’ quality videos will increase interest in your organisation. Our clever cinematographers will capture the essence of your event, being as discreet or as proactive as you require, before passing it on to our experienced, efficient editors who will bring your event back to life on screen, showcasing it at its best (some say better!)

You spend a lot of time planning your event and a video can reach a much wider audience giving added value to your efforts once all the hard work on the day has been done.

Market your event and create a positive image around your organisation

“71% of respondents agree that watching video content produced by businesses leaves them with a positive impression of a brand/service/company.”Source

Having an event filmed promotes your organisation and enhances its reputation. Seeing people enjoying a corporate event and the personality that your brand conveys will encourage them to get involved with your business.

Marketing and distribution service

Once your film is made we even source the channels that are the most effective to reach your audience. Working with strategic partners, we provide you with a comprehensive marketing and distribution service.