Videos featuring key partners who present themselves as experts and highly professional, but also critically, as friendly and approachable, start to build a relationship of trust between the viewer and the firm, even before the first meeting. The content was informative and insightful, the delivery professional, warm and confident.

Explainer videos help your audience to gain a sense of trust in you and your products if they can see you and create a connection.

Explain the benefit of your service and help audiences to retain information

The main benefit of explainer videos is that you can communicate the main point of your product of your service very quickly. This could be in selected marketing channels or even a pitch situation. If you’re still perpetuating death by PowerPoint it’s time for a change!

According to Drop in Local (2013), “One minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.” Web Marketing Group (2014) states that, visual content is processed 60,000X faster than textual information. Ultimately, “Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%” And “videos can help customers grasp new concepts.” Business2Community (2014)
Aside from generating sales, gaining awareness for your brand and explaining your product effectively, there are so many benefits to using an explainer video. Your competitors both domestically and globally are creating videos that explain their value proposition and you can too.