Public sector films play an important role in many areas. They can aid the recruitment process, inspiring others to join a great public service. They can also produce an emotional and highly influential response, which can be particularly effective in the run up to elections and referendums.

We’ve done tons of work for public services; working on a highly successful awareness campaign for the Scottish Police Federation, showcasing the extraordinary and life-threatening situations police officers face to protect the public. We’ve created several hard-hitting and impactful films for 11 UK police federations- innovatively highlighting the effect that the government cuts are having on local communities. We’ve also worked with the NHS on a major recruitment campaign that saw applications increased by 538%.

In addition, we offer a full marketing and distribution service aimed at maximising potential viewers. Delivered by our award-winning partners, we can access your audiences with compelling content. So whether you need to explain your service to the pubic, raise awareness of what you do, or create a hard hitting and influential campaign, we can help.

We work closely with trusted digital marketing experts to distribute our video content. Driving audiences to engage and motivating action.