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Video Books

Leave a lasting impression with the latest in video-marketing technology


Tactile video

Video books are an innovative, new marketing tool that are a perfect way to creatively present your company, brand or product.
Due to its slender, attractive design, a video book is immediately engaging and will ensure your video content is played from start to finish.

They provide something that other platforms for sharing video content cannot: a physical tangibility and direct interaction. It is a different feeling entirely; more personal and far more elegant.



A video book is a versatile platform and is suitable for a number of different purposes.

They can be used to launch or demonstrate new products, show customer appreciation or satisfaction, promote an event, be used for staff training and recruitment, target potential clients and partners, or simply showcase your brand in a creative way.


Easily portable, with a sleek and stylish design

A video book can be utilised at networking events or used to persuade potential clients during a meeting. It is a modern and contemporary product that is guaranteed to impress!

TINKER TAYLOR will ensure your bespoke video book comes with the highest possible specification of screen and sound, ensuring your video content is set to flourish.

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