There’s never been a better time to produce high quality video delivered in a way that maximises your potential, and our full service offer brings great benefits.
If you have developed a great product with a compelling value proposition, you believe your brand values resonate with your target market, all you have to do now is sell it.
Shareable video content seen by your audience is critical to ensure you meet your ultimate goal.

TINKER TAYLOR makes compelling films for organisations but allied to that we help you to consider how they are distributed. If your target audience are unable to view your film, it is of no real benefit to you, so we ensure your content is seen.

We provide a comprehensive marketing and distribution service, delivered by our expert and award winning strategic partners. This ensures that your video is delivered via its most suitable channels to guarantee that it reaches your target audience and drives their behaviour.

We create entire campaigns around the films we make, supplying you with supporting marketing tactics that fit your campaign, such as billboards, digital flyers or online banner advertisements that will engage your audience and offer you a great return on investment.

Capture your target audience

Choosing the right distribution channels for your media is essential in reaching your target audience and ensuring you meet your business goals and objectives.

Videos can be strategically distributed through targeted social media, electronic direct mail or even through cinema advertising campaigns. We pride ourselves in distributing your messages to relevant audiences and the results are measurable. For instance, you can instantly see how many times a film has been viewed on YouTube.

Raise Awareness of your Organisation Successfully

Marketing and distribution raises the profile of your brand and delivers your products and services to a wider audience. Effective delivery of your material is essential for the future potential and growth of your business.

The bigger the presence of your campaign the more impact it will have. Ultimately a compelling, sharable and measurable campaign can deliver big results.