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Videos That Inspire the next generation of international students - Weibo Ad Campaign
When Aston University sought to bring more students from China to experience education and life at their university, TINKER TAYLOR knew exactly how to make recruitment videos that would stand out.
Aston University needed a set of recruitment videos that would appeal to those considering choices for studying abroad in the UK from China.

The main objectives were to:
To increase leads which turn into applications.
To support conversion of applications in acceptances.
To increase brand awareness, particularly amongst agents.
To inform and educate agents to be able to better sell Aston.
To be campaign-able, so to be able to be used across channels.
After careful planning and consideration, our video production agency was able to present a set of videos we felt would fulfil their requests.
After a well landed pitch, we started work on creating three recruitment videos that would work to:
Show off the fabulous, cosmopolitan city location.
Advertise how much students who studied at Aston University loved student life.
Boast the many exciting employment opportunities students could access from studying at Aston University.
These videos would follow three Chinese students, who would each show us the many benefits of student life and what they enjoy about the university.
With Tinker Taylors help we’ve been able to expand our footprint and get our message across to more students in what is our biggest market.

Paul Hebron - Aston University, Head of Marketing and Communications
The first of the recruitment videos created focused on a student writing a blog, in which he boasts about Aston University’s many desirable features such as their 5-star rating, triple accredited status for business, and their world class tutors.

In addition, the video shows some incredible views of the university itself, as well as some iconic locations across the UK and Europe that students could visit thanks to the university’s central and easily reachable location.
The second of our recruitment videos focused on showing the newly built Aston University accommodation and their fitness facilities, as well as student life in the UK.

Our corporate video production agency felt utilising motion graphics to create the appearance of ‘texting’ through small animations, would work well to communicate a dialogue between two friends

Throughout their conversation, the girl visits the many facilities made available to her through Aston University, and hangs out with the many friends she has made whilst studying.
The third and final of our recruitment videos is a phone call between a mother and her daughter.

This video focuses on showing off the city of Birmingham and how convenient the location is in being so close to shops, restaurants and the many attractions the city has to offer.

It reassures the mother that her daughter has chosen the right location for studying outside of London, whilst highlighting the beautiful surroundings the city has to offer future students.
Both videos included in this summary were shared as Weibo posts and also utilized as Weibo ads.
The Blog Video

Original content Weibo post

This video gained a total of 585,000 views, 286,166 direct ad exposures, and 17,962 engagements!

*Engagement: total of video views, likes, comments and reshares.
The Texting Video

Original content      Weibo post

This video gained a total of 517,000 views, 259,264 direct ad exposures, and 4,533 engagements!

*Engagement: total of video views, likes, comments and reshares.
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