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Videos That Inspire the next generation of international students – Weibo Ad Campaign

When Aston University sought to bring more students from China to experience education and life at their university, TINKER TAYLOR knew exactly how to make recruitment videos that would stand out.

Aston University needed a set of recruitment videos that would appeal to those considering choices for studying abroad in the UK from China.

The main objectives were to:

  • To increase leads which turn into applications.
  • To support conversion of applications in acceptances.
  • To increase brand awareness, particularly amongst agents.
  • To inform and educate agents to be able to better sell Aston.
  • To be campaign-able, so to be able to be used across channels.

After careful planning and consideration, our video production agency was able to present a set of videos we felt would fulfil their requests.

After a well landed pitch, we started work on creating three recruitment videos that would work to:

  • Show off the fabulous, cosmopolitan city location.
  • Advertise how much students who studied at Aston University loved student life.
  • Boast the many exciting employment opportunities students could access from studying at Aston University.

These videos would follow three Chinese students, who would each show us the many benefits of student life and what they enjoy about the university.

With Tinker Taylors help we’ve been able to expand our footprint and get our message across to more students in what is our biggest market.

Paul Hebron - Aston University, Head of Marketing and Communications

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