Sam Taylor

Creative Director

Taylor is on a mission. To deliver world class videos to business organisations like yours.

Before launching TINKER TAYLOR Sam spent ten years in the television industry producing and directing both live and location based shows primarily for the BBC, ITV, C4, SKY and TVNZ winning a Royal Television Society Award for best Lifestyle Series in 1999.

She loves rugby, formula 1 and wines from New Zealand.

Sam hates plastic Christmas trees and people talking loudly on trains.

If you have a problem, and if no one else can help, maybe you can hire Sam and Team TT: [email protected] or 0121 285 6207

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Samantha Slingsby

Production Manager

Sam is responsible for all organisational aspects of our projects, ensuring production’s run smoothly, meet deadlines and stay within budgets... There's not much that she doesn’t do!

Sam joined the team at TINKER TAYLOR in 2013 and is a key 'soldier of fortune' in the TT armoury.

She likes strong camembert, good wine, and smiling!

Sam dislikes cats and ‘glass half empty’ people.

Meet sam here: or contact Sam on: [email protected]

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Liz Goddard


Liz’s role includes writing super clever scripts, directing films, and interviewing very important people.

Liz has more than 20 years experience as a print, radio and TV journalist with the BBC and national newspapers. She has worked as a producer for the main news bulletins on BBC One and for the BBC News Channel.

Liz likes the beach and dancing to loud guitar solos.

Liz dislikes moaning and cooking.

For all things producer slash filmmaker, get in touch with Liz: [email protected]

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Phil Pugh

Post Production

Phil’s assignment is to edit TINKER TAYLOR videos. He’s a master at building a narrative, grading pictures and selecting music to help craft our films.

'Philm Maker' Phil has produced a series of award winning short films and was commissioned to write and produce some short works for Endemol and E4.

Phil likes gorging on cookies, very grainy low budget films, and gallons of Asahi.

He dislikes charging his devices every 3 minutes, warm beer and movies based on YA books.

Want to talk post production? Contact Phil: [email protected]

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Deb Pearson

Business Admin

Deb Pearson is the newest member of the TINKER TAYLOR team; having to multitask between different roles, no two days are the same for her. She will be the first person you’ll speak to when you get in touch with us.

With over 20 years’ administrative experience, she’ll organise, manage, plan and schedule and super juggle her way through the day ensuring everything is ship shape. She is a pillar of support for the creative team enabling them to get on with what they do best.

Deb is seriously addicted to chocolate and loves Nordic Noir films. She dislikes the winter and people who don’t sound their ‘T’s!

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Andy 'Doodles' Baker


Andy doodles for a living! He handles any visualising, concepts and animation. He has worked in the comic book and entertainment industry for many years, lending his pencil for character design, caricaturing cartooning and all the other cool things that begin with the letter C.

He loves Chocolate Chip Cookies (also begins with C) and claims to have been raised by meerkats.

True story.

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