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TINKER TAYLOR is a video content agency. We develop and deliver a range of films to an even greater range of clients.

All of these films share one thing in common: they provide an outstanding return on investment.

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  • Educational Video Production

    Educational Video Production

    Learn how we can help you

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  • Promotional Video Production

    Promotional Video Production

    Give yourself a promotion

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  • Live Event Video Production

    Live Event Video Production

    Capture all the energy and excitement

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  • Video Animation Production

    Video Animation Production

    Tell your story in style

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  • Corporate Video Production

    Stay one step ahead of the competition

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Get a glimpse of what we can do

Our films have been seen throughout Europe and the United States.

They’ve been commended in national media and national parliaments; they’ve won critical acclaim; and, most importantly, they’ve affected positive change for our clients.

Let’s use video’s unparalleled power and reach to make your voice heard.

  • HEE Genomics Education Programme
  • SevenCapital
  • RFU Injured Players Foundation

Simplifying Complex Information Using Video

Some topics just aren’t easily to learn about through text or from being lectured on. Not to worry though, our video content agency; TINKER TAYLOR, has worked with a variety of companies to help them simplify their complicated topics, and company overviews, through utilising the power of video. Read on to see how using video can help your company.

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  • If you’re looking for great content, and your marketing budget well spent, we’re a video production agency that’s a cut above the rest! 🙌 With awards, great reviews, and a very friendly crew, let’s have a meeting, a quick chat, and see what we can do for you! #WorldPoetryDay
  • Collaboration is key to a successful #video production process, as we want to showcase your companies goals, and create better pieces of #content to make audiences happy, but #communication on all sides is key! 🙌 Interesting read from @RolloWenlock ➡️
  • What are your thoughts on VR video? Film festivals are loving the format, but is there a place for it in the world of business? 🤔 We're not entirely sure yet, but we'd love to know your thoughts! ➡️ #FilmThoughts | #WednesdayThoughts | #BizHour

"TINKER TAYLOR has been amazingly flexible, and they’ve got the best out of this hospital, the best out of this environment and the best out of the people. It has been a fantastic experience."

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  • Client Police Federation Logobar
  • Client Wasps Logobar
  • Client Ted Baker Logobar
  • Client Dewalt Logobar
  • Client Aston Business School Logobar
  • Client Catalyst Corp Finance Logobar
  • Client Midlands Air Ambulance Logobar
  • Client Health Education England Logobar
  • Client Livingbridge Private Equity Logobar

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