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Homelessness and the increasing number of people in temporary accommodation is an issue that needs to be talked about.

Tinker Taylor is based in Digbeth, where homelessness is an increasing issue. As such, we decided as a team this was something we all wanted to produce.

The film was launched at the Everyman Cinema in the Mailbox on the morning of 18th June 2019, to an audience of around 60 invited guests, including the media.

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Tinker Taylor use video to simplify complex topics.


Simplifying Complex Information Using Video

Some topics just aren’t easily to learn about through text or from being lectured on.

Not to worry though, our video content agency; TINKER TAYLOR, has worked with a variety of companies to help them simplify their complicated topics, and company overviews, through utilising the power of video. Read on to see how using video can help your company.

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#MakeYourMark with Lima Sopoaga and Tinker Taylor

What does the talented fly-half Lima Sopoaga, the midlands leading video content agency Tinker Taylor, local graffiti artist Panda from Graffiti Artist, and the urban beauty that is the Custard Factory have in common? Read on to find out, and watch a fantastic video along the way!

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Editing video for marketing purposes behind the scenes on set.


3 Excuses You’re Not Using Video For Marketing

We’re sure by now, you’ve read our blog on steps to create an effective video marketing strategy, and you understand how video can help…but you’re still not convinced on using video for marketing. Why? Maybe it’s your boss you need to convince, or a fellow work colleague, or maybe you need an extra push to […]

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Creating an effective business presentation with a video content agency.


Five Tips To Create An Amazing Business Presentation

Slideshows, as ever, are still a key tool when it comes to creating a business presentation.

However, chances are when you’re in a business meeting, and someone flips open a powerpoint, we’re going to guess that some of that initial excitement dies down.

Our corporate video agency can help you stand out, with our five tips to create an amazing business presentation.

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Tinker Taylor can help with your video trends.


8 Video Trends Your Business Should Take Advantage Of

Video has a huge opportunity to be a fantastic brand awareness and sales tool for your business, which is why knowing which video trends are right for your business is key.

After all, marketers that use video have reported they get 66% more qualified leads per year, and who doesn’t want more leads?

To get you and your company ahead of the game, we’ve compiled 8 video trends that we believe are here to stay, and that you can incorporate into your video marketing strategy.

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Reveal your brand or product in the first few seconds in Christmas video advertising.


How Christmas Video Advertising Could Be Your Secret Weapon

We’re on the lead up to Christmas and it’s hard not to get sucked into the Christmas video advertising debate of which is our favourite, but we often forget to see how the videos can impact business ROI, and this corporate video production agency wants to explain how it can help you.

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Tinker Taylor on set with itelligence creating video content.


7 Ways Your Video Content Could Get You More Results

After you’ve had video content created by a corporate video production agency, what should you do to get more results? We at Tinker Taylor, an award-winning video production agency, know exactly how to help you get the most out of your video content…without making your audience suffer with ‘video fatigue’.

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Behind the scenes making an incredible series of videos for Selco. Make sure your social media video lives up to these!


How to make your social media video stand out

There is no doubt that you’ve seen the stats on how social media video is the way forward for your marketing strategy, but what is your brand currently doing to reap the benefits? As experts in corporate video production, we know the ins and outs of all sorts of videos.

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Tinker Taylor on set for the #WeAreYou campaign.


5 steps to create an effective video marketing strategy

How can you create an effective video marketing strategy that will scream your brand? We’ve got you covered! In our five steps, learn how to make a strategy from scratch, and top tips from a video production company, Birmingham based.

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