Scottish Police Federation

Scottish Police Federation: It’s What We Do

Police – Awareness Campaign – Cinema and Digital Distribution

A groundbreaking campaign commissioned by the Scottish Police Federation to challenge public perceptions of the police.

The #ItsWhatWeDo campaign consists of a series of incredibly powerful videos detailing the difficult decisions police officers are faced with every day; it puts the viewer in the shoes of police officers.

The initial commission was for three videos, each putting you in the shoes of police officers, who are facing impossible decisions, and asking you, the viewer, what you would do if you were this officer. Such was the success of the videos that a new concept under the same hashtag was commissioned two years later.

All four videos were extremely well received, with tremendous support and encouragement flooding in across social media, and vocal backing from notable Scottish politicians and media platforms, such as the BBC and The Guardian.

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#IWWD2 – reach of over 1 million on Facebook, with 500,000 video views and 1,764 shares in under a week.

#IWWD – over 1 million views on Facebook.

BBC News Scotland lead story on 27/03/14.

Mary Fee MSP lodged an Early Day Motion in the Scottish Parliament to recognise the campaign. The motion was backed by over half of all members of Scottish Parliament.

The first ‘It’s What We Do’ series reached a quarter of the population of Scotland in only its first four weeks.

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