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The TTC Group: Speed Awareness Animation and Drink Awareness Documentary

TTC is a leading provider of Road Safety schemes, including the provision of the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) and the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS). We produce high impact video content for both schemes; videos that resonate with the audience (drink drivers and people caught speeding) and that motivate a positive change in behaviour.
British Drinking Culture Mini Doco
With Creative Director Sam’s previous BBC experience on hand, we were thrilled to have been approached to create a documentary for TTC. Sam worked alongside BBC Executive Producer Andrew Lester to create a short documentary that delves into the culture of drinking in the UK.

We used an eye-catching mix of animation and interview to create a documentary we’re really proud of. It gives time and space to those affected by alcohol to talk about their experiences, as well as offering interesting insights from experts in the industry – such as Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive of Drinkaware.
Speed Awareness Animation
TTC approached TINKER TAYLOR because they were aware of certain misconceptions around their Speed Awareness Course, leading people to choose points or a fine over the half-day training they offer.

They asked us to produce a short video for use on their website and social media, addressing some of the common apprehensions and anxieties surrounding the course.

The video is aimed at those who have been found speeding but have not yet taken action, encouraging them to take part in the National Speed Awareness Course.
A variety of characters can be found in the animation above, created for Birmingham City Council.
We soon realised a character-driven 2D animation was the right route for this project.

Focusing on four relatable personas from a range of different backgrounds, the first half of the video introduces some frequently cited reasons for speeding, from running late for work to dealing with aggressive fellow drivers.

The second half of the video brings the four characters together as they attend the Speed Awareness Course, and are relieved to find that the course does not criticise or punish, but instead focuses on education and provides a positive experience that will leave attendees more speed-aware.
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