TV Ads and Social Campaigns for the Trades Industry

Our team has had a blast making videos that show off exciting new trade brands, tools and technology. Over the years, we’ve produced a diverse range of video content for our clients in the trade industry – take a look at a few of our favourite projects below!

The DeWalt Extreme Run-Time Challenge
Working with DeWalt to promote their new XR 5Ah battery, we helped to create a 2 part competition based video series to show off just how amazing this battery was! We put DeWalt’s battery against a leading competitor in an electrifying go-kart construction and race, and asked social media users to guess how far the karts would go. The video’s reached a staggering 3 million impressions on social media. See more about the project here.

Sky Sports and ITV Idents for Selco
We were commissioned by Selco to produce a series of television idents to appear before, during and after Sky Sports’ Sunday Supplement, as well as during the ITV News regional sports reports. We used Selco’s iconic yellow colour as our entire backdrop and floor, which helped to really cement their branding. The ads are football centric; juxtaposing the language and imagery of the beautiful game with the hard day’s graft and comradery of a building site, resulting in a series of instantly recognisable and relatable shorts to make people laugh and lighten up the transitions between programme and ad breaks!

Google Ads for BES
We were approached by our long-standing client, BES, to produce a series of ads which showcase the value for money of their products. The result was a series of Google Ads which are as funny as they are informative! The humour created by the collaboration between the Tinker Taylor team and BES, with help from some great actors, resulted in a series of videos which are highly effective at getting across BES’ brand – approachable and totally reliable.

TV Ads for U-PRO
We also created an equally funny TV ad to launch trade brand U-PRO this year! The goal was to create a video which showed the variety of products U-PRO offers, which resulted in a humorous take on the ‘Mary Poppins’ toolbox – full of goodies and discounts anyone interested in tool supplies would be pleased to hear about!

Stanley Boxbeam – Spirit Levels in the Sky!
This is an older video of ours, but still a much cherished one. When Stanley asked us to help out with proving that the Stanley FatMax was the strongest spirit level they’ve ever built, we knew we had to produce an exciting video. The result was a video which showed what happens when the new spirit level is dropped from a dizzying 150 feet up in the air!

We’re delighted to work with such a range of clients from this great industry and welcome anyone who would like to represent their trading brand to get in touch! The team here love working on these shoots and are always looking for new ways to get across your message.

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