An Afternoon Workshop for Birmingham Children's Trust!

Four of our team members had the pleasure of running a film workshop with a group of talented children & young adults with Birmingham Children's Trust!

Our Day

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and creativity, providing young people with opportunities to explore diverse forms of self-expression is crucial. One such approach is to organise a 'mini film workshop' within the framework of the Children's Trust, aimed at empowering young minds and fostering a love for storytelling through the lens. So, we did just this - and had a great time while doing so, too!

In order to deliver a genuinely engaging session, our team created a lesson plan that focused on getting stuck in with hands-on filming; focusing on creativity of concept. Here, we invited the fantastic young people involved to utilise both their phones & various aspects of our in-house kit to create mini videos to music and AI-generated backdrops of their choice.

We created an environment where our participants felt safe, encouraged, and inspired. Our team of filmmakers, all of whom are experienced in working with young minds, brought their own valuable insights and expertise to the workshop.

The afternoon ended up being a blast! Splitting into groups, assigning roles (Camera Ops and Talent), and getting stuck in; we created a memorable 'mini film school' workshop for all involved.

We have had the pleasure of working with Birmingham Children's Trust on animations, interviews, and more. We wanted to give back in any way we could - a huge thank you to Jake and the Team for having us over for the afternoon, we had a fabulous time!

A film workshop for goes beyond conventional learning, offering an immersive experience that combines creativity, technology, and collaboration. If this is something that interests you, do not hesitate to get in touch! One of our team would be happy to have a chat about how we can help.

Training in Sustainable Production

At Tinker Taylor, we are making moves to create sustainable productions for our clients.
Step One: get the correct training! Enter AdGreen and ALBERT.

What is AdGreen?

AdGreen motivates the advertising industry to reduce the negative environmental impacts of advertisement production. Our Production Management team has completed the training provided by AdGreen, which covers:

We highly recommend other production companies to do the same; the course is eye-opening, genuinely interesting, and provides additional resources for you to share with your team and beyond. We are now ready to create carbon neutral productions for our clients. Read more here about how we help to offset our productions with ecologi.

What is ALBERT?

Similarly, ALBERT offers Sustainable Production Training which imparts knowledge and skills to create productions in a more sustainable way. A few of our Production members have also completed this course - particularly those who attended the University of Birmingham's Masters course in Research and Production (read more about our relationship with UoB here).

Our Production team is now fully set up to create completely carbon neutral productions for our clients! If you are interested in making a sustainable video project, get in touch today!

New Film for #NoExcuseForAbuse Campaign

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a new campaign calling for an end to sexual abuse and harassment of women and girls exercising in public spaces.

The Project

When this project began, we couldn't wait to get started. As a women-led company whose staff is made up mostly of women, we felt that we were in a great position to lend personal experience and insight into this creative to make it as authentic and visceral as possible, whilst also being respectful of the subject matter.

The Film

From storyboarding, to final delivery, we put our all into this film. Our goal was to elicit strong emotions and provide information about the issue. We wanted women who have experienced harassment and abuse to feel heard, validated, and understood. Equally important, we wanted men who watched the film to grasp the gravity of the issue and reflect on their own behaviour towards women and the behaviour of those around them. Read more about the project here.

WMPCC - I'm Tired of This