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#WeAreYou awareness campaign reached almost 1/5th of the NI population, in just 4 weeks.

The brief; to bring the public and police closer together in Northern Ireland. Utilising hard-hitting video, we wanted to raise awareness of the difficult job police officers do on a day to day basis. With 100 years of political history to contend with, we utilised the concept of family to unite and connect with the public.

We conceptualised and designed the #WeAreYou campaign, which aims to inspire a bond between officers and ‘mums on the playground’. With a focus on family, we want to begin to bridge the chasm between police officers and the public they serve. Their uniform may be intimidating to some, but the men and women wearing it are just people, the same as you and I. As parents, husbands, wives, sons and daughters, they share the same hopes and fears as everyone else.

To drive the campaign, we produced a series of hard-hitting, impactful films, and then distributed them on various digital platforms, to ensure they reached a large audience in Northern Ireland.  Platforms included Twitter, Google and Cinemas, and the official launch was held at the Long Gallery in Stormont’s Parliament Buildings.

Four weeks into the campaign, we received 502,998 measured video views. These figures were split approximately 65/35 between Northern Ireland and abroad, primarily USA, showing phenomenal engagement. This means that the campaign reached almost 1/5th of the population of NI, in just 4 weeks, raising immense awareness.

The #WeAreYou campaign, designed and delivered by TINKER TAYLOR, has brought the role of the police officer as an integral part of society to the fore. The general public both in Northern Ireland and as far afield as the United States have made reference to the campaign on a scale we could not have imagined. There is a real and tangible connection with the public acknowledging the emotional difficulties officers have to endure as a result of these films. Political figures have also commended the Police Federation for Northern Ireland on re emphasising the issues of officer well being of which these films were the foundation stone for the campaign. Police officers the world over have acclaimed the campaign and of that we are very proud. Mark Lindsay, Chairman, PFNI.


Client Testimonial

The response from politicians, the wider public and the officers we set out to represent, has been phenomenal

Campaign reached almost 1/5th of the population of NI, in just 4 weeks

Huge traction on Facebook from numerous countries, including a big following from the USA

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