Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral: Documentary to Fundraise and Inspire

The iconic Harrison & Harrison organ is the beating heart of the Coventry Cathedral, and it is in desperate need of repair.

As an instrument that brings together young and old, religious and non-religious, and everyone in between, it is vital that it gets the reparation work needed to keep it working for generations to come. A whopping £2 million is needed for the repair.

We were thrilled to have taken on this project in order to show the world how important this instrument is for the people of Coventry and beyond.

Our goal was to create a short documentary that not only celebrates the history and significance of the organ, but also focuses on the real-life stories of those who hold it dear to them.

We had the pleasure of filming three wonderful people, Sasha, Norman, and Rachel (Coventry Cathedral’s Director of Music) who each kindly spent their time with us to talk about why the organ is such an important part of their city.

Sasha, 16, found his passion for music, as well as a great group of friends, at the Cathedral. He is now a Scholar there, and is hoping to persue music in his career due to the impact that the organ has had on him.

“Without the organ, its like taking a part of the community away.”

Norman, 91, has been visiting the Cathedral for years to hear the organ play. He recalls the blitz of 1940, which devasted the city of Coventry.

The ruined Cathedral’s remains stand proudly in the city centre as a symbol of hope; whilst the organ, built in 1962, stands as a symbol of post-war rehabilitation and strength.

“(To have no organ) would be a disaster. The Cathedral would become just a building atually. Its like a cake without the icing.”

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