Gateley: Forward Thinking, Straight Talking Brand Videos

Bold, inspiring video content for professional services group

TINKER TAYLOR have been working with professional services group Gateley for a number of years now, producing video content ranging from bold recruitment films and assets for the intranet to exciting event coverage and interviews with the driving forces behind the successful company.

Business Rebrand
Gateley recently launched a full-business rebrand, embracing a bold new design. To spark excitement for the launch date, we interviewed the man behind Gateley’s new look: designer Steve Edge.

Steve’s extravagance and lively storytelling inspired us to pursue a more interesting style of cinematography for this film. To this end, we utilised three different camera angles: one on a moving dolly and track, and two unorthodox static shots.

These visual elements came together into a quirky and fun video, which was sure to excite and intrigue all stakeholders of the business.

To accompany the launch of Gateley’s new website, they wanted a video to sit on their Careers Page, which would encapsulate their ethos and encourage the best talent to join their team.

In line with the new brand and the group’s values, we developed a bold and brave concept which focuses around two professional boxers. The film is a collection of visual metaphors for the five pillars of Gateley’s vision and values: Ambitious for Success, Trusted to do, Room to Breathe, Forward Thinking and Working Together.

We shot this film in a beautifully lit boxing gym in Birmingham. Using heavy smoke and a strong backlight to create stark contrasts, we created a style akin to a Sky Sports trailer. We then utilised sharp editing and visual effects including slow motion, speed ramping, flash frames and time echos, which resulted in a punchy and powerful film which the client was thrilled with.

If you want to go behind the scenes of this shoot, take a look at the BTS video!

Event Films
We also cover many of Gateley’s events throughout the year, to drum up excitement and encourage delegates to sign up for future events.

The first example showcases the Annual Gateley Conference in Birmingham.

Besides capturing key moments during the day, we interviewed forward thinkers who shared their insight into the importance of being a resilient business in today’s world. We clipped these up as individual videos, which were shared on social media and launched with specific email campaigns.

Another event we covered was titled ‘Cirque Du Gateley’. This was the company’s annual employee party. This video was sent to guests after the event via their intranet. It is also a great HR tool for the business, showcasing their awesome staff benefits.

Intranet: Fred
Another successful project for Gateley was the launch of their new intranet – FRED.

TINKER TAYLOR designed and developed FRED as a character. We then created an animation video which explains the benefits and ease of their new digital workspace.

We delivered and licensed the assets of FRED to Gateley, which they could then use and re-design seasonally as they wished. For example, during the festive period their in-house team added a Christmas hat on FRED!

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