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Cutting-edge content to inspire and educate healthcare professionals about genomics.
The Genomics Education Programme (GEP) exists to ensure that healthcare professionals have the knowledge, skills and experience to help the UK remain a world leader in genomic and precision medicine. Since October 2016, TINKER TAYLOR has been the sole provider of all GEP video content.

Over the course of two and a half years we’ve worked closely with the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) to produce more than 30 educational, inspirational films.

The GEP is the NHS’s method of ensuring its staff have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to make sure the health service remains a world leader in genomic and precision medicine.

Therefore we know that each and every video created has its own unique impact on learners, and as a result, each requires a different approach that will communicate the content to those learning in an engaging, inspiring and educational manner.

Our work with the GEP has led to impressive results, as a result of which our client recorded this fantastic testimonial which you can watch above.

The variety of video content created ranges from:

  • Unravelling the double helix via 2D animation to illustrate the basics of DNA;
  • Using 3D animation to explain the importance of assessing tumour samples for genomic sequencing in 3D;
  • Using an interview-led approach to craft a clear, compelling and cohesive narrative that weaves together different voices on a number of complex topics;
  • Employing an actor-led approach to explain how nurses can further embrace genomics;
  • Dramatic short films to show how simple and relatively quick it is for GP’s to take a genetic family history and more!

Despite the complicated subject matters, each video created by our team clearly explains the topic in a straightforward, yet interesting and stimulating way, ensuring that all healthcare staff are better informed and inspired to learn more about the wonderful world of genomics.

It’s no use making a film if it isn’t going to be as impactful as possible. TINKER TAYLOR always, always offer that.

Education Resources Editor
Genomics Education Programme


To help generate excitement about the GEP’s work, we produced the 2D-animated ‘Programme Animation’.
Our corporate video production team wrote the script and brought it to life using fast-paced motion graphics.

The films’ Twitter launch was a huge success. There were comments and shares from England’s Chief Medical Officer, England’s Chief Scientific Officer, TV geneticist Dr Adam Rutherford, and respected NHS clinical geneticist Dom McMullan.

The GEP were also contacted by the Department of Health asking for details of the animation and why it was developed so that they could use it in an internal presentation as an example of good practice in engaging health professionals on social media.

Genomics is changing healthcare. Job roles are emerging and evolving.

To keep people up-to-date, the GEP commissioned the ‘Specialist Careers’ series of films, each featuring a different role with a heavy genomics focus and about which there are common misconceptions.

First in the series was ‘Meet the Bioinformaticians’, a blend of talking head interviews and overlay footage.

This film showcases what the work of a clinical bioinformatician involves, the kind of traits and skills required, and some of the challenges facing both those working in the profession and the NHS more broadly.

Every project that we work on with TINKER TAYLOR is not just educational, but inspiring and engaging, and really helps us spread the message about how fundamental genomics is for healthcare.

Education Resources Editor
Genomics Education Programme


Visualising tumours and genomic sequencing isn’t easy, especially when scientific accuracy is crucial, as it is in our GEP output.

Not ones to be deterred, our talented creative video agency produced a stunning 3D animation which utilised the next-generation NDP.view2 viewer software to show real tumour slides in incredible depth.

Paired with a clear and informative voiceover, we were able to accurately explain the topic and showcase examples to further clarify the material shown.

Even specialists within a given field aren’t aware of some of the latest developments in genomics. To combat this, the GEP commissioned the ‘Genomics in Medical Specialties’ series.

Each film sees us interviewing one or two experts in a particular medical speciality, who outline to other colleagues in their field how genomics is transforming medicine.

To ensure a consistent, clinical feel, we shoot all of their interviews in a white ‘infinity cove’ film studio. We then augment the interview content by utilising the white negative space in the image to bring stylish, minimalistic motion graphics on screen.

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