#itelliFest2020 – the Itelligence Conference, but Different

Transforming a 1 day conference into a 4-day virtual festival

During the pandemic, we’ve been working closely with our long-standing client, itelligence, to transform their annual conference, which is the largest SAP partner lead conference in Europe, from a 1-day physical event, to a 4-day virtual festival.

#itelliFest2020 featured keynote speakers (including astronaut Tim Peake) and more than 30 sessions discussing all things SAP; from S/4HANA and the Intelligent Enterprise, to improving Decision Making with Analytics & Data Insight, to HMX and the Evolution of Employee Experience.

Delegates heard from and interacted with itelligence experts, sponsors and other attendees, watched live demos, took part in polls, competitions and ‘Speed Networking’ video chats – all within a truly innovative, interactive virtual platform.

You can take a look at the platform in action on the video below.

TINKER TAYLOR supported itelligence every step of the way.

• Designed the #itelliFest2020 branding.
• Created a Gif to promote the event, which transforms #itelliFest2020 from the QEII conference centre in London to a virtual festival in the clouds.
• Produced all of the video assets which were shown during the live-stream, including:

– A bold ‘stand out’ launch video to play at the beginning of each day.
– 8 x 30-minute customer stories.
– 22 x hold frame videos.
– 8 x on-brand interstitials for added production value between sections.
– 35 x on-brand name tags.

A dedicated team on-site at the itelli offices during the festival, which filmed and broadcasted the event LIVE to over 1,000 delegates.

After the event, we re-versioned all of the sessions into individual short videos, which delegates can re-watch on a dedicated #itelliFest2020 On Demand microsite. Take a look here:


Thank you again for your valued assistance with staging #itelliFest2020 – Yourself, Jim, Andy, Penny, Vera & Pete are the A-Team and did a fantastic job for us. You’re not only incredibly nice people, but you also come with bags of valued experience that made the event so enjoyable.

Ps. I still can’t get over how professional all of the branding and animation looks!!!

Carl Adams - Marketing Director

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