Multimedia Communication for Biffa PLC

We have produced a wide range of digital content for the UK’s leading integrated waste management company. Videos, animations, GIFs, infographics, photography… we’ve done it all!

She's Electric!

One of our most recent projects with Biffa was She’s Electric: an exciting ad to launch their new fleet of electric RVC’s. We wanted to intrigue and excite the public, showcasing this sensational advancement in technology by creating a video which looked like a glossy Ferrari ad!

Customer Case Studies - Jewson

Another great project for Biffa involved filming a series of customer case studies which showcase their groundbreaking partnerships. We spoke to a number of their high profile clients, including Jewson, Compass Group and Co-op Food. They all have a common theme, which focuses on the value of waste as a benefit, rather than as a cost. Their collaborations show that waste can be used to advance business as well as sustainability – and encourage other businesses to explore Biffa’s offering.

Educational Video for Key Stage 2 and 3 Children

We also produced a second video for Electric RVC’s, in partnership with Biffa and Manchester City Council, which was an educational piece for Key Stage 2 and lower Key Stage 3 school children. Our goal was to create a video which was just as much fun as it was informative, which we achieved through using an engaging mix of presenter lead content, fast-cut overlay and easy to understand colourful animation.


Animations for Biffa

This animation, aimed at small retailers, is one of many that we have created for Biffa! These short films are a great way to get a large amount of information across to the viewer in a clear, appealing and instructional style. This animation helps explain the process of the Deposit Return Scheme, a scheme to increase the recycling of single-use plastics, which is yet another great project that Biffa is spearheading for sustainability!


Investor Videos

We produced a series of 8 investor videos which showcase the different areas of waste management at Biffa, and were shown to prospective investors during management presentations.

The films combine eye-catching motion graphics, impressive footage and an on-brand aesthetic feel that our clients were delighted with. So much so that all eight films were re-versioned into Mandarin for prospective Chinese investors.

They were subsequently re-versioned as effective sales and marketing tools.

GIFs, Infographics and Photography

We offer a full, multi-media solution for Biffa, delivering GIFs, infographics and photography for the waste giant.  These eye-catching elements are a great way of drawing attention to your cause – be it on Social Media or within a company’s internal communications.  Our striking designs really underline the importance of Biffa’s work, whilst presenting useful tips on how we can all help out individually.


This is just a portion of the great work we’ve achieved in collaboration with Biffa. We’ve loved every project – particularly the creativity that we’ve been able to bring with us to each one! It is such a pleasure to work with Biffa and we can’t wait for what’s in store for the future.


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