Yale: Snakes on a Bike!

Take a look at some of our favourite pieces of work for Yale Security

Each project we’ve delivered for global brand Yale has its own frame of reference which we’ve loved getting creative with. From a 10 foot python in snappy YouTube ad’s; to lovely family dynamics for TV ad’s; and smart animations as instructional guides – all in 18 languages!

And who said never work with children or animals?

TV Ad for Yale Smart Living Technology

Our brief for this project was to create a TV Ad which perfectly generates that feeling of family and home for Yale’s Smart Living technology. We found the perfect location, cast a wonderful family (including two lovely child actors), and thouroughly enjoyed the shoot. Client was thrilled with the end result!

Animated Explainer Video
We produced this CGI animation to illustrate Yale’s Smart Home technology and how it can be used in the home. The style we went with is uncomplicated, so the information imparted is easy to digest.

A Mix of Film and Animation for Smart Living
Another video we produced for Yale includes a mix of both film and animation to help illustrate the concept of Yale Smart Living. The combination of b-roll footage, 2D animation, motion graphics and mock ups of the Yale Ap Screens creates a super interesting video to watch! Take a look here.

Translating into 18 Different Languages!
Yale are an international company that distributed its products to more Tham 120 markets worldwide. We were asked to translate the full video into 18 different European languages, you can see an example of the Spanish version here. In terms of translation and transcription, we manage the whole process, from linguists translating the copy, to sourcing native voice over artists – we’ve got it covered.

We always look forward to what we can do next to face a project head-on with creativity and an open mind. If you are interested and wonder ehat we can do for you, please get in touch!

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