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elXtr: ‘The Game’ Promotional Campaign

‘The Game’ is a brilliantly innovative multimedia awareness campaign for law firm elXtr, which aims to bring affordable legal advice to small businesses across the UK.

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The first of its kind
‘The Game’ is a series of marketing videos, stylised to look and feel like high-end entrepreneurial TV shows Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. ‘The Game’ aims to showcase elXtr’s exceptional legal advice for small businesses. The concept is simple yet effective.

Twelve representatives from twelve companies that work with elXtr were brought together for a game of checkers. Split into two teams of six, the competitors then have to answer business- and law-related questions to make their move, acting as a metaphor for business in real life – working as a team, networking, strategic thinking and anticipating the planning of a rival.

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elXtr is a company that specialises in helping small businesses find solutions to any legal and business problems they might have. ‘The Game’ was a perfect platform for this as it showcased the relationships elXtr built with existing clients, as well as maximising social media interest with player profiles.

The campaign broke the mould in terms of corporate marketing, and helped elXtr connect with business owners and potential new clients on a personal and emotive level.

“We worked with Sam and the brilliant team that she pulled together on a partially film-based social-media campaign very recently. As far as we’re aware, it’s the first of its kind. Tinker Taylor’s interpretation of our demanding and very original brief far surpassed the other agencies pitching for the opportunity. Not just that, but their speed of response, enthusiasm for the idea, organisation, and flexibility in the planning, the pricing and the set up on the day we filmed were superb. I could not recommend them more highly and wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again…in fact, we are definitely planning to do so in 2017. We genuinely felt like they were an extension of our own team. They made everything so easy, and we were absolutely delighted with the result and the reaction it received from our target audience.”

Marlie Cavert - Head of Business, eLxtr

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