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Creating incredible animations that tackle the perceptions of speed awareness courses.
TINKER TAYLOR were approached by the TTC Group to provide effective video content that would encourage people to take the half day training they offer.

The TTC Group is a learning and development company working with public and private sector clients to improve personal and professional knowledge, accountability and responsibility.

As part of their services, they deliver the National Speed Awareness Course, a police-referred training for drivers that have been caught speeding. Offenders can choose to attend the National Speed Awareness Course instead of receiving penalty points on their license or paying a fine.

TTC approached TINKER TAYLOR because they were aware of certain misconceptions around their Speed Awareness Course, leading people to choose points or a fine over the half-day training they offer.

They asked us to produce a short video for use on their website and social media, addressing some of the common apprehensions and anxieties surrounding the course.

The video is aimed at those who have been found speeding but have not yet taken action, encouraging them to take part in the National Speed Awareness Course.

We soon realised a character-driven 2D animation was the right route for this project.

Focusing on four relatable personas from a range of different backgrounds, the first half of the video introduces some frequently cited reasons for speeding, from running late for work to dealing with aggressive fellow drivers.

The second half of the video brings the four characters together as they attend the Speed Awareness Course, and are relieved to find that the course does not criticise or punish, but instead focuses on education and provides a positive experience that will leave attendees more speed-aware.

We felt it was important that this video had a positive tone and style, without making light of the serious offence that is speeding.

We wanted to show viewers that the TTC National Speed Awareness Course is easy to book and does not involve any tests, driving, or getting shouted at by angry policemen!

To convey this sense of understanding and reassurance, instead of criticism or blame, we decided on a colourful style of animation and a friendly, accessible voiceover.

Furthermore, when writing the script and designing the four characters, we prioritised their relatability and diversity. We felt that if viewers recognised themselves in one of the personas through their identity or behaviour, they would be far more likely to contact TTC and book a place on the course.

We worked closely with TTC throughout this project: as one of the main providers of driver rehabilitation and training in the UK, they were in the best position to assess how we could encourage their projected audience to sign up for the course.

Their feedback was much appreciated in all aspects of the production process, from the development of the script to the character design and the choice of voiceover artist.

Besides the version in English, we also delivered the animation with a voiceover in Welsh, with the on-screen graphics translated accordingly.

This will significantly extend the reach of this video and ensure audiences in Wales feel included, and as a result, more likely to attend the TTC National Speed Awareness Course.

We also produced short cuts of both the English and Welsh videos for distribution on the digital platform.

These shorter cuts enticing people to watch the full version on the website.

So, explore your options and find out how video can work for you.

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