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Birmingham City Council: Video to Raise Awareness and Promote New Initiatives

Birmingham City Council is Europe’s largest local authority, serving over one million customers. Its website attracts 4,486,793 unique visitors per year. We’ve worked closely with the Council for a number of years, producing video content that makes a positive social impact in our home city.

Lobbying Government – Tackling Homelessness
This project was commissioned by Birmingham City Council in order to reveal real stories from those who have experienced homelessness. It was used in order to show the Council’s vision for the future, as well as highlighting the multitude of reasons why someone might find themselves in this situation.

The documentary was filmed across Birmingham’s city centre and features thirteen different people. For an in-depth explanation of this project, see here.

Cleaner, Greener Streets
We’ve created many videos to promote the Council’s strategies. One example is their “Cleaner Greener Streets” initiative, where we’ve delivered short, colourful animations to promote their Litter Pick Scheme, the Clean Air Zone and the Birmingham Transport Plan. These are an excellent way to get across plenty of information in a quick, fun and easily ingestible manner.

Covid Compliance Animation
During the pandemic we were pleased to be able to help the Council educate and inform the public on the importance of “following the rules” to help stop the spread of the virus. Besides the key points around COVID compliance, we wanted the narrative to speak to the community’s sense of belonging and pride, by championing Birmingham and its people.

In order to reach the community and show them how vital their compliance is to the national and international effort to fight COVID, our video content had to speak to people on a personal level. Our suggestion for this was a spoken word artist: someone local, who could speak to the public using their own words, with their own accent and in a warm, approachable and authentic way.

We matched this with a beautifully compelling 2D character animation style, to help drive this important message home.

Be Bold, Be Birmingham
Be Bold, Be Birmingham is a Council initiative to ignite passion and pride in our city. The bright colours of the ‘Be Bold’ campaign can be seen on billboards throughout the city.

We produced this video for the Council’s #BeBoldBeBham campaign to showcase all the people and places that make Brum such a fantastic and unique city. Filming took place in a huge variety of locations; from Rag Markets and independent galleries; to Michelin starred restaurants and the main stage of Birmingham Pride. Actor and Spoken Word artist Adaya Henry wrote and performed a piece of poetry to help us to perfectly capture the rhythm and sounds of Birmingham. The video found great success on Social Media and has been recognised by many as a great representation of our city.

We also produced a series of Vox Pops for this project, where we asked each person “what does Be Bold, Be Birmingham mean to you?” – the answers we got are just one example of why Brummies are so great.

For these videos, we also created animated opening titles in ‘Be Bold’s’ bright colours in order to tie the whole project together.

Working with Birmingham City Council, we promote, inspire, educate and raise awareness of important issues; using a number of different video formats and styles. We are proud to produce videos which make a positive social impact and welcome collaboration with councils and public bodies who are looking to do the same.

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