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Cinema advertising is one of the most effective platforms for distributing your film. It boasts a captive audience, heightened engagement and emotional response, high levels of brand association, and, of course, a substantial return on investment.

78% of people in the UK are cinemagoers

Making six trips per year on average – that’s over 150 million admissions!

This means that there’s a huge (often untapped) audience who are effectively paying to pay attention to your film. Around 80% of people are in their seats by the time the ad reel starts, and more than 90% by the time it finishes. It provides the lowest ad-avoidance and highest audience engagement of any medium.

Cinema advertising is unique in that it can guarantee viewing figures. You can purchase your desired number of views, and they are then delivered by using admissions data to ensure you get the views you paid for. Furthermore, you can also target a specific age group or region.

Audiences consider advertisements part of the the cinema experience. They are not considered as intrusive or annoying as they can be for other media, but rather form a natural part of the excitement and build-up to the main feature.

Typically, cinema advertising will be preceded by an online campaign driven by Google banner ads and Twitter. This ensures you see huge levels of audience engagement in a short period of time. One in four people living in Scotland saw our #ItsWhatWeDo films for the Scottish Police Federation within just four weeks of their launch.

Audience guarantee plans with the distributor mean that we can promise a set number of views, and these views can be adjusted to suit your budget. We’ll help you work out how best to utilise that budget by making sure that the views you pay for count.

TINKER TAYLOR has strong relationships with cinema distribution agencies, which have been built up over the course of many years and many more successful campaigns. We are able to carry out background research to advise on when and where to release your film, and can also monitor viewing figures and engagement throughout the campaign.

Age classification is also built into our process. Our experience and contacts within the Cinema Advertising Association and the British Board of Film Classification means we can plan your film and target its release to ensure the biggest impact possible.

Our campaign for the Scottish Police Federation, ‘It’s What We Do’, reached a quarter of the Scottish population in only the first four weeks of its cinema release.

So, explore your options & find how video can work for you.

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