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Genomics Education Programme – Process Animation

We have been creating educational process animations for over a decade and so we know exactly what makes them tick!

Take a look at this example for the Genomics Education Programme; an animation created to give a clear and comprehensive explanation of the fascinating topic of DNA.

Birmingham Children’s Trust – Compelling Motion Graphics for the Journey to Fostering

There are many ways to teach with video and, over the years, we’ve nailed them all. Our educational content comes in a variety of forms; from eye-catching animations, to powerful live footage – we’ve got your educational needs covered.

Take this example for Birmingham Children’s Trust, which clearly sets out the process of the fostering journey with engaging and inspiring motion graphics.

Biffa – Animated Educational Content

The human mind processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. Yes, 60,000!

Animations such as this one for Biffa’s app, MyBiffa, is an effective way to educate with precice, unambiguous animation and crystal clear voice over.

Health Education England – Case Studies to Educate

We have significant experience in public health, and have produced educational content on higher education, public houses and everything in between.

Take a look at this case study for Health Education England, which was used to educate internally on the importance of the Genomics Education Programme and what it can achieve.

Flamerite Fires – Translation for Installation!

We work with some brilliant translation agencies to ensure that your film is translated perfectly to any language you desire.

Take this installation guide which we created with Flamerite Fires. Video translation is an efficient and powerful method of extending your brand globally. Let us help you reach new audiences with excellent educational content!

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