Live Event Video Production

Capture all the energy and excitement

So much time and effort goes into creating a buzz around events. Why not keep it going that bit longer?

If you’ve got an event coming up, why not consider a short, fun film to share with colleagues, clients and corporate partners?

It’s a creative way to promote the event to those unable to attend, as well as being an excellent method of keeping the momentum going. If you’re planning on holding a similar event at a later date, your film is also a brilliant way of driving future sales.


Highest quality

Our ‘better than broadcast quality’ videos will grow interest in your organisation.

Our creative cinematographers will capture the essence of your event, being as discreet or as proactive as you require, and will use the latest in camera technology to ensure the footage is of the very highest quality.

We then pass it on to our experienced, efficient editors who will bring your event back to life on screen, showcasing it at its very best.

Whether your event is day or night, indoors or outdoors, charity or business, TINKER TAYLOR has the experience to deliver a first-class film that keeps the buzz alive long after the final guests have gone.

The success of our films has seen many clients return for business year after year. Here is the latest in a long line of brilliant films we’ve produced promoting the Midlands Air Ambulance charity’s Bike4Life.

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