New Film for #NoExcuseForAbuse Campaign

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a new campaign calling for an end to sexual abuse and harassment of women and girls exercising in public spaces.

The Project

When this project began, we couldn't wait to get started. As a women-led company whose staff is made up mostly of women, we felt that we were in a great position to lend personal experience and insight into this creative to make it as authentic and visceral as possible, whilst also being respectful of the subject matter.

The Film

From storyboarding, to final delivery, we put our all into this film. Our goal was to elicit strong emotions and provide information about the issue. We wanted women who have experienced harassment and abuse to feel heard, validated, and understood. Equally important, we wanted men who watched the film to grasp the gravity of the issue and reflect on their own behaviour towards women and the behaviour of those around them. Read more about the project here.

WMPCC - I'm Tired of This

Working with The Hospice Charity Partnership

Earlier this year, we created an anniversary celebration video for the wonderful Hospice Charity Partnership - a charity offering improvements to palliative and end of life care. We wanted to give back to the charity for all their fantastic work and so gifted the video free of charge!

The Hospice Charity Partnership

In 2021, St Mary’s and John Taylor Hospices came together to form The Hospice Charity Partnership. The two hospices had worked together previously in Birmingham and Sandwell, and this partnership means they are now able to offer the same standard of care to those who need it, regardless of their location. Now, they support and care for over 500 individuals living with life-limiting illness everyday.

The Film

Our goal was to create a film which extends a warm and informative welcome to the Partnership for potential donors, partners, and volunteers to appreciate. We used a mix of visuals at the hospice sites and animated graphics to get across as much information as possible in a short amount of time. Please feel free to watch the film below.

‘This is great!! Exactly what we want to be getting out there’

‘I think it’s so warm, welcoming and super professional. It’s really fab.'

'I am over the moon we finally have a media material like this’

Reviews of the film by the lovely Hospice Charity Partnership staff.

Other Promotional Video

We love being able to help out our neighbours in this way: we also worked with The Mockingbird Cinema to make a free promotional video for their new screen crowdfunder and The Clean Kilo to make a free of charge promotional video back in 2021.

We could keep writing about the importance of video, but instead we suggest you take a look at this animation we made to explain why you should use video in 2022!

Promotional Video for The Mockingbird Cinema's Crowdfunder!

Last week, we had the pleasure of making a promotional video for The Mockingbird Cinema, free of charge, in order to promote their recent crowdfunder: support for a brand new screen! 

The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird is a fully independent cinema and an iconic place for the West Midlands' ever-growing community of film-makers and film lovers. Focusing on providing a platform for media outside the mainstream, The Mockingbird is a great purveyor of diversity in film. They've had such a big impact on Birmingham's creative community and so we wanted to help by doing what we do best - making an eye-catching video! Their crowdfunder page can be found here.

Other Promotional Video

We love being able to help out our neighbours in this way: we also worked with The Clean Kilo to make a free of charge promotional video back in 2021.

We could keep writing about the importance of video, but instead we suggest you take a look at this animation we made to explain why you should use video in 2022!

Our Internships for UoB Students

Seven Years Strong

At Tinker Taylor, we have an excellent relationship with the University of Birmingham. To date, we’ve given twelve UoB students from the Film and Television: Research and Production Masters internships over the last seven years, with two more joining us in 2022.  We have given full-time employment to five of our interns, upon graduation, all of whom have thrived!

What We Offer

We really want those who do placements with us to feel like they've gained legitimate insight into the video production industry. We ensure that everyone who joins us for their 12 weeks becomes genuinely involved in making a difference to our company; helping with all stages of production; diving into social activities and joining crew on shoots whenever possible.

We know that valuable work experience is hugely advantageous to students. Whether you're freelance or full-time, actual experience is the most valuable tool you can have for building your career. Our connection to this Masters course has been a great way for us to help as many young people as we can to kick-start their careers, and we look forward to continuing with this productive collaboration!

We had to include this video because it holds a special place in our hearts - take a look at our 2021 Table Tennis Tournament, which our fantastic intern at the time, Sherif, joined in on!


In Birmingham, the number of street homeless people has increased by 53% in the last year, and by 588% since 2012.

Tackling Homelessness Documentary
By Tinker Taylor and Birmingham City Council-

Homelessness and the increasing number of people in temporary accommodation is an issue that needs to be talked about.According to Shelter, there are more than 320,000 people in the UK sleeping rough. The majority of the general public struggle to understand how, in a country like UK, this could possibly be the case.

In Birmingham, there are 91 people sleeping rough and thousands more in temporary accommodation.

This film is an opportunity to explain how people become homeless, what is being done to combat this crisis and what we all, as human beings and citizens of Birmingham, can do to help.

We employed a small, experienced team to produce this film.Our Creative Director, Sam Taylor’s, passion as a filmmaker lies in producing high impact, emotive video content that generates meaningful social change – and that is ultimately what we wanted this film to do.We wanted to highlight the issue, focus the viewer’s mind, then educate, inspire and motivate people to take action.

It might be a donation, it might be a report, it might be an act of kindness, but we wanted our viewers to feel empowered to do something.Phil Pugh took on the role of Producer and Editor, so was fully immersed in the project from day one and was Sam’s right-hand man.

Sam and Phil have worked together at TINKER TAYLOR for over 8 years and have a very symbiotic working relationship, which was key to the success of this project.

Marlijn (researcher and writer), Fran (production coordinator), James and Ben (cinematographers) all live in Birmingham; all come to work on their bikes, on the bus, or walk; and all witness homelessness on a daily basis.

We shot the film on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, which is known as the next generation handheld 4K digital film camera. It is discreet and less intrusive than the Sony FS7, which we typically shoot on.

It features a full size 4/3 sensor that gives 4096 x 2160 resolution with an incredible 13 stops of dynamic range for true digital film quality. It also has dual native ISO up to 25,600, so you get an incredible low light performance – great when we are filming outside ‘on the go’.

Tinker Taylor is based in Digbeth, where homelessness is an increasing issue. As such, we decided as a team this was something we all wanted to produce.

The film was launched at the Everyman Cinema in the Mailbox on the morning of 18th June 2019, to an audience of around 60 invited guests, including the media.

It was also featured on BBC News.

Tinker Taylor is a multi-award winning video content agency, based at Fazeley Studios, Digbeth – the heart of Birmingham’s Creative Quarter.

The agency produces high-end content for multiple platforms including TV, cinema, digital, events and video-books. Its focus is on generating an outstanding return on investment for a diverse range of clients including the NHS, Seven Capital, Aston University, Selco and Dermalogica.

Let’s chat about how our video marketing agency can help you raise awareness of your cause.

Gulp! Watch 'the Sam's' jump out of a plane at 18,000 feet!

This summer the TINKER TAYLOR Sam's took the ultimate challenge to raise money for Midlands Air Ambulance! The experience was too good not to film, click the picture below to watch our hilarious rendition of the Red Devils! 

Not only do we raise money for them, but we also produce films for them!  We were commissioned to produce the event film for the 2016 Midlands Air Ambulance Recognition Awards, for the fourth year running.

Celebrating 25 years of saving lives, by saving time, the event was bigger and better than ever before, so we made a film which was, well, bigger and better than ever before!

If you think IT is dull.. think again!

Now this is how you film a conference! This vibrant, dynamic film establish's the itelligence Annual Conference as an event not to miss, in the world of SAP. Click the photo below to watch!.

If you have an event or conference coming up, and you want an impressive film to raise awareness, and generate a buzz for future events, then give us a call on 0121 224 7709. 

Tinker Taylor are proud to be a Midlands Air Ambulance community supporter

I have a personal connection with Midlands Air Ambulance. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many children on rugby fields across the midlands being airlifted to A&Es.

As soon as I started working with them, producing videos to enhance and promote charity events, it only felt right to become a community supporter.

We were commissioned by Midlands Air Ambulance to produce a Bike 4 Life 2018 marketing video, the video has been used to promote future Bike 4 Life events.

Sam Taylor, Creative Director