21 Videos, Featuring 46 People, All Delivered Virtually in a COVID World!

Every other year, the British Transplantation Society & NHSBT join forces to deliver their Congress. This years theme was resilience and it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate their many successes in such a challenging year. 

COVID-19 prevented a face-to-face gathering, and so instead, the programme was delivered to delegates using a bespoke studio and on-line platform. This meant they could enjoy interactive plenary sessions in a studio environment, on-line parallel sessions and a full on-demand video portfolio.

TINKER TAYLOR worked closely with the NHSBT team to deliver all video assets for the Congress, which included 21 films, covering 8 different sessions and featuring 46 people, all delivered virtually within a short 7 week period.  

Many of our contributors were working long hours in a healthcare setting, and so we were unable to film face-to-face interviews and had to produce everything remotely.  Each of the 8 sessions were to drive a different initiative, and therefore, all 8 had to have their own look and feel.

So the challenge was to develop, produce and deliver 21 films with 8 different creative approaches, all from the comfort of our own home!

Here at TINKER TAYLOR, we love a challenge, so with Zoom our only ally, we got to work! 

Our virtual creative styles included a mix of presenter lead zoom interviews and screen recorded zoom interviews, self-recorded footage on phones and tablets, stock footage and a variety of animation styles, from simple 2D typography to full character animation.  

All of this resulted in a series of films that showcased the breadth of activities and exciting initiatives which are occurring in donation and retrieval, in an engaging, eye-catching and entertaining format.

The Congress was a huge success and our films played a pivotal role.

We also reversioned each film after Congress, which meant the high-end video portfolio can be used as legacy, educational and promotional assets, for years to come. 

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