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Go viral with a multiplatform campaign
Your customers spend lots of time watching video
You know they do because you do too! YouTube alone receives almost 5 billion views per day.

Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing online opportunities. This surge is driven by the ongoing development of mobile devices and networks, meaning bigger and brighter screens, increased internet coverage (such as 4G and WiFi hotspots), and quicker loading times for video. All this has facilitated a considerable shift in viewing habits, particularly amongst the tech-savvy generation of today.

Compelling video content with a strong call to action is an increasingly popular and effective mode of advertising, precisely because it offers huge audience potential and associated ‘opportunities to see’.
By 2022 video content is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic
Making engaging digital video content is more important than ever for distinguishing your brand from the crowd.

Promotional video content done properly has the potential to go viral and generate millions of views.
Reach your target audience with our comprehensive campaigns
One-third of all time spent online is watching video and 92% of mobile video customers share videos. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption is rising by 100% each year, demonstrating just how quickly this market is growing.

Highly shareable, engaging video content put in front of your target audience is critical if you want your messages to be heard and your values to be understood.
Raise awareness of your brand
Marketing and distribution raises the profile of your brand and delivers your products and services to a wider audience. Effective delivery of your material is essential for the future potential and growth of your business.

The bigger the presence of your campaign, the more impact it will have. Ultimately, a compelling, shareable and measurable campaign can deliver really impressive results.
We create entire campaigns around the films we make, supplying you with supporting marketing tactics that fit your campaign, such as billboards, digital flyers and online banner advertisements. This will engage your audience and offer you a great return on investment.

TINKER TAYLOR has been extremely at successful organising social media pushes to drive campaigns, whether that be through organising Thunderclaps, Google banner ads, or promotions on Twitter and YouTube.

We know the best ways to get your work seen, both nationally and internationally.
Our films for the Police Federation for Northern Ireland – #WeAreYou – reached almost one-fifth of the entire population of Northern Ireland within the four weeks following their launch, and garnered a significant following overseas – particularly in the USA – due to a remarkable social-media push involving Google banner ads, Thunderclaps and YouTube.

Our series of films for the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) – ‘It’s What We Do‘ – received phenomenal social-media engagement and established a global presence, generating interactions from a remarkable 34 countries around the world.

We reached more than 1 million people on Facebook with our follow-up film for the SPF, ‘IWWD2’, which gathered over 500,000 counted video views, 3,000 likes and 2,000 shares.

Our recruitment campaign for the NHS – #ComeBackToNursing – reached over 900,000 users on Twitter and was trending nationally on launch. The Health Education England account also received a huge influx of followers as a direct result of the campaign, which the NHS calculated to have saved them more than £20 million.

Our #WeNeedYourSkills campaign for the West Midlands Police was nominated by the global awards programme, The Drum Awards, as a finalist in the Social Media category. The impact of the videos we created was huge: after just 7 days of their run on social media, applications for WMP rose to over 250 per week; a six fold increase from the week before. 
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