PFEW Time-Slice Cinema Commercial


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Last January we filmed a series of four short films which aim to challenge the perceptions of policing in England and Wales. To do this we utilised the ‘time slice’ technique, to give the impression of a frozen moment in time. Think The Matrix. The films are richly cinematic, spell binding to watch, but their editorial content is still grounded in gritty realism.

We produced four scenes that demonstrate a broad variety of police activity, rooted firmly within our communities.  The films have been designed to evoke empathy, pride and a sense of solidarity, the feeling that we are all in it together and that the police are one of us, performing a vital, tough role.

In three of the scenes, a state of the art, robotic, computer-controlled camera moved through the set in a pre-programmed, fluid path. Precise art direction and seamless CGI effects gave complete authenticity to the scenes, so that it feels like you have witnessed a real moment in time.

Client Testimonial

“Wow…very professional, cinematic in feel and the technique is superb. A great piece of work” STEVE WHITE, CHAIRMAN, POLICE FEDERATION OF ENGLAND AND WALES   “They are exceptional pieces of art; incredibly well made and for my money the “basketball” video is outstanding. The chaotic house scene is also superb. It’s genius filming … you should be very proud.” CALUM STEELE, SECRETARY, SCOTTISH POLICE FEDERATION   "These films are outstanding and of an exceptionally high quality. They are at the top end of the artistic spectrum and you should be rightfully proud of this project. Very well done!" MARK LINDSAY, CHAIRMAN, POLICE FEDERATION FOR NORTHERN IRELAND

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