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Livingbridge: Celebrating Investment Success

Video portfolio to illustrate what it’s ike working with private equity firm

During a close partnership over many years, TINKER TAYLOR has produced dozens of films for leading private equity firm Livingbridge.

Case Study Films
The best way of demonstrating to internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and potential new clients just how successful Livingbridge’s investments have been is by showing them. Case study films are the perfect way to do so.

A core facet of Livingbridge’s marketing, these films tell the stories of different investments in the words of the people involved, through relaxed, informative talking-head interviews, augmented by cinematic overlay sequences.

This video focuses on the fantastic results achieved following Livingbridge’s investment in the now-market-leading Sykes Holiday Cottages.

As a global company with global clients, Livingbridge has strong case studies all over the world. When they first discussed making a film about Habit (New Zealand’s largest integrated health, fitness and rehabilitation group) TINKER TAYLOR was more than happy – and more than capable – of facilitating a film production on the other side of the world.

Through our global network of clients, we quickly sourced the perfect partner production company on the ground in New Zealand, working closely with them to bring Livingbridge’s brief to life in an engaging film about their investment in Habit. We carefully managed all stages of production, ensuring delivery of another great case study film on-time, on-budget and on-brand.

Animations to Launch Reports
One of Livingbridge’s many marketing tools is their ‘In Focus’ reports – each report looking at a specific development within a given sector that Livingbridge operates in.

The reports are informative, insightful and detailed – but you won’t know this until you’ve finished reading them. The challenge then, is getting people to download and read these reports in the first place.

That’s where we come in. TINKER TAYLOR has scripted and produced numerous 30” – 60” animations, one each for a different Livingbridge report. The films visualise key facts and figures, grabbing people’s attention and driving downloads of the reports.

Below are two examples.

Compilation Films
We always strive to give our clients added value.

One way of doing this is ensuring we fully utilise our time on filming days. For example, after setting up the perfect interview shot, asking a few additional questions to our contributors takes very little extra time – but can be used to produce additional content, driving down the cost per film for our clients.

Our work with Livingbridge has given us access to many highly successful business people – and with some prior planning alongside Livingbridge, we have made sure to ask them all the same additional questions following the main interview, enabling us to get the different perspectives of these successful professionals on certain topics. Foremost amongst these was ‘What’s it like working with Livingbridge?’.

Watch the film to find out.

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