Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register: Innovation on the Oceans

Lloyd’s Register, the world’s first marine classification society, was created more than 260 years ago to improve the safety of ships. In 2023, they are redefining how the ships of the future will be built.

In an era of increased connectivity, video is the greatest way to get their message across. That’s where we come in!

Our approach

We opted for a dynamic mix of scripted studio footage, stock that packs a punch, and a bespoke 3D animation sequence. Each element intertwines to make a video that really stands out.

We had the pleasure of filming with Chakib Abi-Saab (Chief Technology and Innovation Officer) and Philippa Charlton (Chief Marketing Officer), both of whom delivered the script flawlessly – making our job an easy one!

We are no strangers to CGI here. Our team works closely with a range of experts in 3D animation and design in order to create some truly awesome visuals.

From initial storyboarding, to delivery, we make sure that our clients are always 100% happy and excited about their animations!

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