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Biffa Waste Management

Biffa Investment Videos

PLC - Marketing & Investment - Digital Distribution

TINKER TAYLOR was commissioned by one of the largest waste-management companies in the UK, Biffa, to produce a series of eight films for potential investors, and subsequently for sales and marketing.

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Acorns Children's Hospice

Josh’s Story

Charity - Promotional - Digital Distribution

'Josh's Story' is a heartwarming short film that was produced to drive the Acorns Children's Hospice Annual Christmas appeal, generating outstanding results.

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Scottish Police Federation

It’s What We Do

Police - Awareness Campaign - Cinema and Digital Distribution

A groundbreaking campaign commissioned by the Scottish Police Federation to challenge public perceptions of the police.

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Catalyst Corporate Finance

Year in Review

Corporate Finance - Year In Review - Digital Distribution

Our Catalyst Corporate Finance 'Year in Review' animation is a short video that encapsulates the firm's achievements and growth over the course of the year in a highly digestible, bold and engaging animation.

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Police Federation

Cuts Have Consequences

Police - Awareness Campaign - Digital Distribution

#CutsHaveConsequences is a grassroots media campaign for the police that is successfully communicating the severe problems budget cuts are creating for police forces up and down the country.

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The Game

Law - Marketing - Digital Distribution

'The Game' is a brilliantly innovative multimedia awareness campaign for law firm elXtr, which aims to bring affordable legal advice to small businesses across the UK.

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Health Education England


NHS - Recruitment Campaign - Digital Distribution

TINKER TAYLOR produced films that drove the successful 'Return to Practice' campaign, helping to tackle the shortage of nurses throughout England and Wales, which resulted in savings of over £20 million for the NHS.

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